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Technical Account Manager CV

A technical account manager is an individual who is responsible for managing all those aspects or areas of a business which are linked with the relationship of the company with its customers. These individuals work in collaboration with the sales account management team and try to increase sales and improve existing relations. Anyone who wishes […]

Business Project Manager CV

A business project manager is an individual who works in various kinds of industries and his specific job responsibilities vary from one industry to another. The main responsibility of a business project manager is to develop various project plans and managing day to day activities of a project. They may have to work in coordination […]

Assistant Accountant CV

Assistant accountant is required to help the accountants/ charted accountants in preparing accounting reports, recording the inflow and outflow of finances, working with different finance personnel and handling a number of other tasks. Assistant Accountant CV should include the educational qualification and work experience of the candidate and also certain other details. It is recommended […]

Accounting Student CV

Those pursuing a course in accountancy are known as accountancy students. There are different degree programs and short term courses offered by various universities/ institutes that an accounting student may pursue depending upon the accounting specialization he aims to go for. Sample Accounting Student CV is prepared to give an idea about what all should […]

Treasury Accountant CV

Treasury accountant is required to maintain a record of all the financial transactions of the company. It is essential to hold a degree in accounting or finance if you aim to get into this position. Sample Treasury Accountant CV helps in preparing the curriculum vitae for this position. You may refer to the sample treasury […]

Accounting Undergraduate CV

An accounting Undergraduate is a person who is still pursuing a graduate course in accounting and has not yet received his accounting degree. Such a candidate has some information about the accounting terms and processes but is not fully trained on the subject and is not even likely to have any practical experience in this […]

Accounting Consultant CV

Accounting consultant is required to provide advice on handling accounting procedures, help their clients in taking appropriate finance related decisions and handle various other similar tasks. Accounting Consultant CV includes details about the educational qualification and work experience about the candidate. It is recommended to go through the below given sample accounting consultant CV if […]

Accounting Controller CV

Accounting controller is required to manage the accounting transactions, maintain the documentation related to the accounting procedures, monitor the accounting tasks and handle various other related tasks. One needs to pursue a degree in accounts or finance if aiming to get into the position of an accounting controller. It is recommended to refer to the […]

Cost Accounting CV

Cost accounting professional is required to maintain a record of the cost involved in handling various business transactions, prepare accounting repots and handle a number of other related tasks. Cost Accounting CV should include details about the degrees and courses pursued by the candidate and also the positions at which he has worked. Sample Cost […]

Payroll Accounting CV

Payroll accounting professional is involved in handling accounting tasks related to the employee’s packages, salary disbursement, calculation of incentives, etc. A candidate aspiring to get into the position of a payroll accounting professional should go for a degree in accounts. Payroll Accounting CV must include details about the candidate’s educational qualification, work experience, objective, strengths, […]