Category: Accounting CV

Tax Accountant CV

A Tax Accountant is an important job position in all types of organisation irrespective of their work and size. A Tax Accountant is a person who is responsible for making the tax related account documents. The Tax Accountant CV must be prepared in such a manner so that it focuses on the knowledge of the […]

Senior Staff Accountant CV

A Senior Staff Accountant is a senior position in any organisation that looks after the account related documents.  A candidate working at this job position must be well educated in the accounts discipline and must have needed skills and experience. Thus a Senior Staff Accountant CV must be prepared in such a manner so that […]

Trade Accountant CV

A Trade Accountant is a person who is responsible to look after the accounting records of a trade in an organisation.  He is responsible to look after all the financial work related to trade.  A Trade Accountant CV must be prepared in such a manner so that it focuses on the experience, knowledge and skills […]

Property / Fixed Asset Accountant CV

Fixed Asset Accountants are CPAs assigned in the bookkeeping of depreciable assets of the company.  Capital-intensive commercial companies such as airlines, telecoms and manufacturing companies have teams of them who implement the approved valuation and depreciation policies.  They are also responsible in reviewing booked assets that have reached zero book values to ensure timely revaluation […]

Credit and Collection Manager CV

Credit & Collections Managers oversee a team of credit and collection agents who are takes with implementing approved credit payments of 15, 30, 60 or 90-day credits for its clients. They are also responsible for monetizing accounts receivables generated by sales and asset disposal. Credit and Collection Manager CV Format Harry H. Peterson Sweetwater, Miami, […]

Controller CV

The Controller is the accounting department head and has overall supervision over its various accounting functions such as revenue and cost accounting, fixed asset accounting, account payables and receivables accounting, credit and collection, tax accounting, and general ledger accounting.  As accounting head, he is also responsible for issuing official financial statements and for implementing pertinent […]

Telecoms Invoicing Clerk CV

Telecoms Invoicing Clerks are tasked with processing client service billings in assigned franchises with the objective of ensuring accuracy and timely billing.  They may also be tasked to update online systems to reflect customer billing data if offered to the public. Telecoms Invoicing CV Format Bridgette T. Coleman Brooklyn Heights, New York City Phone: (212) […]

Accounts Receivable Manager CV

Accounts Receivable Managers are tasked with monitoring the aging of accounts receivable from product or service sales for its deferred payment clients, inter-affiliate collectibles, or asset disposals.  They are responsible for overseeing a team of accountants who ensure that corporate procedures for accepting deferred payment streams are in accordance with approved policies. They are also […]

Refunds Accounting Clerk CV

The Refunds Accounting Clerk is responsible for journalizing all sales returns in a branch or store that resulted in a release of cash or credit refunds to customers.  The function can be done by the cashier in small stores simply by checking the sales database to check that the item being returned was indeed sold […]

Budget Analyst CV

With or without CPA licensing, the Budget Analyst prepares the departmental or corporate budget as part of the company’s operating plan for the upcoming year.  Apart of the job involved taking apart all items in the budget and getting the justification from their respected department heads in preparation for a defense before the approving authority […]