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Administration CV

Administration CVs are prepared by those targeting positions that allow them to offer guidance to other people. Administrativejobsare all about giving people guidance towards achieving a certain goal. There are manyjobcategories under Administrativejobs. Some of thejobsone can apply for are administrative assistant, administrative secretary, office manager, administrative aide, executive administrative assistant, office manager, receptionist, office assistant […]

Administrative Analyst CV

The main job of an administrative analyst is to regularly keep track of the financial income and expenses, reporting the financial information to the top management, forecasting and budgeting for the upcoming year, making futuristic studies and its impact on the financial performance of the company, etc. Candidates must have an inclination towards research with […]

Payroll Administration CV

A payroll administrator role involves making regular salary payments to all the employees in an organization within a due date while also ensuring information security and confidentiality. Most of the employers that look for hiring payroll administrators expect them to be certified in the same. The job needs accuracy, patience, eye for detail, and ability […]

Office Coordinator CV

The scope of job functions that comes under the purview of an office coordinator can be varied, diverse and challenging. Some of the responsibilities of an office coordinator are coordinating on various events with the middle and top level management, decision makers, stakeholders, etc; perform administrative duties like keeping track of office income and expenses; […]

HR Specialist CV

An HR Specialist may have expertise in any specific area in the human resources and often helps in conducting HR level initiatives and activities under the guidance of a senior HR manager. The domains in which an HR Specialist can lend expert advice are recruitment and selection, training and development, federal compliance and employment, appraisals […]

Health Administrator CV

The health administrator is accountable to provide services in health care by working in hospitals, nursing homes, community health care centres, etc. An ideal choice for the role of a health administrator would be one with medical background with some work experience. The health administrator CV must showcase that the candidate is capable of providing […]

Customer Service Administrator CV

A customer service administrator is mainly entrusted with the role of maximising the customer service that can be provided by the firm. Therefore the customer service administrator should be aware of various issues that their customers might face, should coordinate with the other representatives and customer service supervisors to resolve their queries and issues as […]

Medical Administrator CV

A medical administrator ensures that all the systems, operations, treatments and machinery are taken due care of and are functioning well. The ultimate aim of a medical administrator is to provide the best services to their patients with start-of-the-art infrastructure and health care facilities. The medical administrator has to have good communication and organizing skills […]

School Administrator CV

The main role of a school administrator is to oversee the administrative day-to-day activities in a school like the teaching and non-teaching staff issues, course curriculum, distribution of textbooks and stationery, conduct of classes according to the timetable, infrastructure, play area, events and competitions, etc. During the course of work, school administrators also should coordinate […]

Academic Administrator CV

An academic administrator is responsible for various administrative roles that come under the domain of operating an educational institution like school, college, or a university. The academic administrator can be responsible for admission for various batches, staff recruitment, selection and deployment, infrastructure planning, etc. The academic administrator oversees the day-to-day functioning of the classes, plans […]