Category: Administration CV

System Administrator CV

A system administrator career option involves taking care of the system and application issues relating to the software malfunctioning, desktop or laptop configuration, rebooting the machines, formatting the systems, hardware and software defects or upgrades, etc. The candidate who wants to become a system administrator should necessarily have an educational background in computer sciences with […]

Hotel/Restaurant Franchise Director CV

The Hotel/Restaurant Franchise Director heads team of franchise contracts administrators assigned to oversee the operations of hotel or restaurant franchises in assigned geographic markets.  The position provides leadership and direction to ensure that franchise administration across the country or around the world is uniformly carried out in compliance with contractual obligations meant to preserved company […]

Franchising Administrator&Specialist CV

The Franchising Contracts Administrator works in successful companies who expand their commercial presence by licensing the use of their names to 3rd party entrepreneurs who can finance the setting up of branches in identified markets.  This is often the mode of expansion with little or no capitalization required.  For franchise holders, they often have to […]

Grant Administrator CV

Grant Administrators are typically employed in philanthropic foundations, banks, trusts, and moneyed civic organization and individuals who are known to provide financial support to student education, medical charities and projects in the academe or research, to mention some. They oversee the approval of grant requests and administer to their disbursements once approved. Grant Administrator CV […]

Historic Site Administrator CV

The Historic Site Administrator is the equivalent of a museum curator except that the work involves looking after a surviving historic landmark that has been identified as a national heritage and under preservations.  These sites can include old government buildings, residences of past presidents and noted historic personages as well as war memorials. The site […]

Payroll Clerk CV

A payroll clerk is a person who organizes data for giving salaries and compensation to the employees. The payroll clerk plays an important role in any business or organization. A payroll clerk manages the payment regularities of the employees and the officers in an organization. The payroll clerk may work in a financial accounting firm […]

Clerical Assistant CV

A clerical assistant is a person who provides clerical duties to an organization or any specific department he is entitled to. The clerk assistant assists the clerks in the office duties and also conducts the official deliveries of documents and administrative duties to various departments. A clerical assistant may work in any government office or […]

Administrative Clerk CV

Administrative clerks are persons who work under supervision or direction of senior executive or manager. They also can be assigned to work for a particular department or group. They perform both administrative and clerical duties. They schedule and manage meetings, process applications and documents and also handle database of the administration. Sample Administrative Clerk CV […]

Fresher Administrative CV

Office Administration is important part of any organizations. Each office has need to be maintained in such a way that the staff can work without any hindrances. Administrative staff is responsible for office maintenance. They work in various capacities. They have preset goals as per company policies and standard operating procedures. Administrative staff is underlying […]

Chief Security Administrator CV

Chief security administrator is responsible for overall security of the organization premises. He schedules and monitors other security personnel of the organization and constantly review the security setup. They are responsible for deployment of security personnel for safeguarding several office assets.  Security administrator authorizes the inbound or outbound equipment or other goods. Without their authorization […]