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Entry Level Advertising CV

The entry level advertising CV is used by those who have just passed out of college or university or an advertising school and are looking for an opportunity to begin their career in advertising. The advertising resume should include career objectives and educational qualifications and any experience in the industry will be a bonus. Sample […]

Advertising Art director CV

An advertising art director is a person who works for any art field like music, television, cinema or advertising as the director. This job requires special skills and qualifications which form the eligibility criteria for the recruiting of then applicant. The CV of an applicant must clearly give details of the facts which make him […]

Advertising Account Planner CV

An advertising account planner is a person whose job is to plan and create effective ad campaigns for a variety of products. The advertising account planner CV is a document that must contain all the details of the skills and qualifications of the applicant. The following is an example that might help in case you […]

Advertising Account Manager CV

An advertising account manager is a person who works in an advertising or marketing company and whose job is to manage the accounts of all the clients. This kind of a job requires specific qualification eligibility criteria. For this purpose an applicant has to write a proper CV which talks about his skills and qualifications […]

Advertising Account Executive CV

An advertising account executive is a person who works towards maintaining a healthy relationship between the advertising agency and the client. His work is to see to the fact that the goals and demands of the client are being met by the agency. An advertising account executive must have a CV that fits into the […]

Fresher in Advertising CV

Advertising is one the fastest growing industries in the world. Advertising is the essential part of each and every company. Often the difference between the success and failure of a product or service depends on the advertising and promotion. That is the reason organizations spend huge amount of money on advertising. Advertising as a career […]

Advertising Consultant CV

It is becoming increasingly popular for companies to hire the services of advertising consultants when they are facing a great amount of competition in the industry. Advertising consultants are experts in their field and should therefore reflect this expertise in their resumes. Showing several years of experience even if voluntary may do the trick. Advertising consultants can be specialized […]

Advertising Media CV

There are numerous jobs that can be categorized under advertising media. Advertising media jobs range from those dealing with print, audio and video. As technology continues to develop, new methods of advertising are being discovered. However, the three main advertising media groups remain the same: Audio, print and video. All advertising media jobs can be categorized under these.  The resume […]

Advertising Copywriter CV

Advertising copywriter jobs are highly competitive. The job requires a high level of creativity. A copywriter needs to be able to reflect this creativity in their resume. In some cases a copywriter will play the role of a director. You will therefore have to show skills and attributes that display the ability to lead, organize and guide […]

Advertising CV

          Advertising is a growing industry and the demand for professionals in this field is growing steadily. This is due to the high level of competition being experienced by organizations in different industries. However, competition for jobs in this industry is also high. Advertising resumes can be prepared by advertising clerks, advertising […]