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Advertising Clerk CV

Advertising clerk and recorder jobs are highly competitive. There are no specific qualifications for an advertising clerk therefore people with diverse backgrounds can apply for these jobs. In order to obtain a job as an advertising clerk therefore, your resume should stand out. Showing creativity, the ability to follow instructions as well as work on your own volition […]

Advertising Manager CV

There are several areas in which a manager can work within theadvertisingindustry. Anadvertising manager’s resume will be useful when applying for a job inadvertisingsuch as asoftware manager, events manageror even ahuman resource managerwithin theadvertisingindustry. Advertising managers should be experienced in the field or have the proper training. Youradvertising manager’scurriculum vitae should show that you understand […]

Advertising Internship CV

      Advertising internships are training programs. You may not be paid during the training period and experience in the same field is usually not required to obtain an internship. The experience you get from the training program however can be used to get a similar job elsewhere. You may even be lucky enough to impress […]

Advertising Assistant CV

Preparing an advertising CV requires that you pay close attention to details. As anadvertising assistant, associate or secretary, you will be responsible for preparing sensitive documents, handling important clients, preparing for and facilitating important meetings. Youradvertising assistant resumeshould reflect creativity and diversity. You should show that you are familiar withadvertisingandmedia. A sample curriculum vitae for […]