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Agriculture CV

The agricultural industry offers a lot of opportunities for anyone willing to invest and patient enough to reap the fruits of that investment. Apart from the obvious farming, there are several other careers within the field such as farm management, animal husbandry, horticulture, agronomists and botanists. All of these would benefit from a well prepared […]

Dairy Manager CV

A dairy manager is accountable for the economic health of the dairy corporation, and for generating means to maintain the business. He should be able to care for farm animals as well as have the ability to work with co workers .The CV for a dairy manager must contain detailed information regarding past achievements as […]

Agronomist CV

Agronomists operate in both laboratories and fields. They are mainly scientists who specialize in crops and the soil they grow in and dedicate themselves to conservation of soil and educating farmers in that matter. Sample Agronomist CV Calvin Macauley, 43, Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, OH 98455-156032 Mobile: +32 78365 56339 Telephone: 025 5567 9982 Fax: 026 […]

Irrigation Design Engineer CV

The job of an irrigation design engineer involves a lot of work both indoors and outdoors. Studying, gauging and evaluating the terrain and then designing an irrigation system that would be the most suitable is mainly the responsibility of irrigation design engineer. Sample Irrigation Design Engineer CV Charlie Brown, 43, HIDCO Road, Fairfax, VA 98455-156032 […]

Pest and Weed Controller CV

The pest and weed controllers are entrusted with the job of exterminating harmful pests from homes, educational institutes like schools and colleges and offices. In fact, they can make both indoor and outdoor environments free of unwanted pests. They have to be essentially certified by state and federal agencies as they deal with very harmful […]

Nursery Manager CV

Nurseries maybe wholesale or retail facility which sells plant saplings, shrubs, creepers, flowers to customers and contractors who do landscaping. Some nurseries sell and grow plants as well. To look over the daily operations of a nursery, a nursery manager has to be appointed who would also submit reports to nursery owners. Sample Nursery Manager […]

Horticulturist CV

Horticulturists mainly concentrate on the study of flora and the types of climate and soil they grow in and various other types of care they demand. They are responsible for breeding, storing, processing plants and plant products and derivatives. They may also prepare lecture material in the horticulture sector for educational and training purposes. Sample […]

Greens Keeper CV

A greenskeeper is that person whose job is to maintain a golf course or any country club. His work includes tasks like fertilizing, irrigation, mowing the land, arranging for play etc…A greenskeeper is a skilled worker who must have in-depth knowledge relating to maintaining the greens. Hence his CV should be one which talks about […]

Biologist CV

A biologist is a scientist who studies life forms and then experiments and researches so as to produce results in Biology. His job is to study organisms and then try to understand their relationship with the environment. The CV of a biologist should consist of points such as academic details, skills and qualifications that make […]

Ecologist CV

An ecologist is a person who is skilled and qualified enough to study the environment and the actions that affect it. This is a kind of a job which cannot be done just by any person and needs special knowledge in the field. An ecologist’s CV is a document that is aimed at convincing the […]