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Agricultural Marketing Manager CV

The job of an agricultural marketing manager deals with the smooth running of the agricultural unit or company by managing the demand and supply of agricultural products. He/she is devoted to selling, buying, market research and marketing of the products. The CV of an agricultural marketing manager aspirant should specify the skills and qualifications required […]

Agricultural Sales Manager CV

Agriculture Sales Manager is a person responsible for looking after and managing the sales of products and services in the agricultural department. Any applicant who wishes to apply for this position should be skilled enough to understand agriculture along with the required academic qualifications which shall make him suitable enough. The following is a sample […]

Agriculture Researcher CV

An agriculture researcher is a person who specialises in research work and advanced studying of agricultural related products and techniques. Everybody cannot become an agriculture researcher as this field requires special knowledge in the field accompanied with certain eligibility criteria. The CV of an agriculture researcher should speak on his behalf about the qualities that […]