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SEO Analyst CV

A Search Engine Optimization (SEO) analyst is one who provides solutions with creative twist, understanding both on and off page optimization. The role of a search engine optimization analyst is to provide weekly, monthly and quarterly reporting for assigned analytic projects; and produce independent analysis to help search engine optimization strategy, etc. A sample Seo […]

Senior Data Analyst CV

A Senior Data analyst is one who handles data conversion and migration activities. This will include the planning, management of the data conversion processes, addressing technical issues, and testing of site data. The data analyst is required to provide production support, and cover aspects of data recoverability, integrity, security, availability, and performance, and to facilitate […]

Statistical Analyst CV

A statistical analyst is one who provides multi screen reporting and analytics. The Statistical Analyst is responsible for furnishing complete facts, important notes and analysis regarding the details involved in the selected project. This will include standard reporting and monitoring of the health of the business, off-hand analysis of site projects, tests and industry events, […]

Strategy Analyst CV

A strategy analyst is one who provides a qualitative report after analyzing the strategy of the particular domain. The responsibilities of the strategy analyst will include researching and delivering robust and insightful qualitative analysis. The analyst has to support the development and implementation of strategies, which will also include developing, maintaining and monitoring a quality […]

Senior System Analyst CV

A senior system analyst is one who is proficient in computer systems related to both hardware and software. The candidate is responsible for handling development and execution of database. The basic roles and responsibilities include technical support, implementation and administration of software and hardware related activities, installation of upgrades etc. A sample senior system analyst […]

Criminal Intelligence Analyst CV

Criminal Intelligence Analyst is required to research and analyze the criminal intelligence information for establishing the validity of the content and the source reliability. He also needs to maintain the case data and compile the criminal intelligence information. One must prepare the CV appropriately in order to give the right information to the recruiters. You […]

IT Business Analyst CV

IT Business Analyst is required to design new and advanced business information systems by studying about the latest technological developments. There are a number of other tasks as well that an IT Business Analyst and all these should be included appropriately in his CV. IT Business Analyst CV must also include the details about the […]

Credit Risk Analyst CV

Credit Risk Analysts are required to develop ways to figure out as to how likely an individual or organization borrowing loan from a bank or financial institute is to default. There are a number of ways to assess this risk and the credit risk analysts use the existing methods as well as develop new methods […]

Technical Support Analyst CV

Technical support analyst is required to ensure that both external and internal customers are being given proper technical support and assistant. Sample Technical Support Analyst CV below provides an idea about what all should be included in the CV prepared for the position of a technical support analyst. It is recommended to go through the […]

Performance Analyst CV

A performance analyst is a person who analyses the performance of an organization. Performance Analyst CV, like any other CV should include information related to the candidate’s work experience, qualification, career objective, skills and abilities. It is suggested to go through the sample performance analyst CV given below to get an idea about what all […]