Category: Arts CV

Museum Conservator CV

A museum conservator is a person that works in a museum and it falls under his responsibility to conserve and restore the objects of the museum. His work involves examining the structural ability of the objects and to come to the aid of the problems faced. Since this job involves a lot of scientific research […]

Assistant Editor CV

Assistant editors are directly responsible to the executive editor. The assistant editor assists the executive editor in his work. He has different editorial duties like editing articles, writing editorials in place of the executive editor. Assistant editors are also responsible for selecting content and writing matter. The assistant editor is basically a member of any […]

Landscape Architect CV

Landscape architect is a person who designs outdoor and public spaces in order to develop environment and socio economic progress results. The field requires supervision and transformation of existing social, ecological and other conditions of the landscape to develop it into an environmentally acceptable landscape. The landscape architecture field includes environment restore factors as well […]

Gopher CV

Fresher in arts are also commonly referred as Gophers. Gophers are entry level arts professionals who are under training. Creativity is the new buzz word for several professions. People with sense of beauty and are most of the times unaware of excellent career options available for them. There is tremendous growth in the creative field […]

Layout Artist CV

Layout artist is a qualified professional in print media who mainly works with structural layout of the images and text content. They create background images, texts etc so that it is pleasing for visual sense. Layout artists are more commonly hired by print media. They work with magazines, layout and design of promotional booklets, newspapers […]

Theater CV

Contrary to popular belief, theater not only involves stage performances but also includes film and drama. Careers in this field include film actors, stage actors and dramatists. Stage managers, prop managers, directors, producers, theater music composers, stage maintenance crews and prompters are also included in theater careers. There is high competition for all these careers. […]

Photographer CV

Careers in photography require creativity, the ability to work individually and attention to detail. Careers in photography include event photographers (e.g. wedding, parties and graduation photographers), photojournalists, fashion photographers, art photography, family portrait photographer, freelance photographers and photo editors. Photographers should also be able to work well in a team setting. Below is an example […]

Musician CV

A career in the music industry is becoming increasingly popular. Pop musicians inspire awe in a majority of the youth in this modern age. Unlike popular belief, it takes more than simple talent to be successful. There is also the hard work. A well written music curriculum viate is the best place to start. This […]

Dance CV/ Dancer CV

To be successful in your dance career, you ought to have proper training, practice regularly and have surplus talent. Even when you have all it takes to be successful, you will find that getting an audition may be difficult. You will need a winning dance resume to land an audition. Dance CVs are important for […]

Creative Director CV

Jobs in the area of creative director can be quite challenging. The jobs may pay well but there is a lot of competition for any single vacancy. There are no specific qualifications for a creative director. Creative directors are experts in fields such as graphic design, sound, design and other related areas. You need to […]