Category: Automobile CV

Mechanic CV

A mechanic’s job I s definitely not white collar job but its importance can never be totally relegated to the background. Without a mechanic the automobile industry would have come to a standstill. A auto mechanic is a technically very skilled person and can find excellent job opportunities in various service stations and repair shops. […]

Automotive Technician CV

Automotive Technicians are very much in demand as most of them are required to mend various kinds of cars, vans, Buses and other automobiles which are required in our day to day life. Some of them work independently, while others who seek to find employment can fund good opportunities in the service and automobile industry. A […]

Automotive Engineer CV

The job of an Automotive engineer is indeed is indeed very interesting as he is the key person who is responsible for developing a vehicle. Right from its design to its blueprint, production, and various other specifications the automotive engineer is the person who looks after everything. No wonder such types of people are highly […]

Auto Sales CV

Auto sales job is one of the very challenging and interesting jobs, because it requires a lot of interpersonal skill and negotiating abilities to be successful. The stakes are high and so are the rewards. Auto sales job are easily available with dealers of automobiles, sometimes car manufactures also hire these people for direct selling. […]