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Airline Catering Chef CV

Trained as a chef and often coming from the hotel and restaurant industries, the Airline Catering Chef is responsible for designing and specifying the airline food choices that go with the airline’s first, premium, business and economy inflight services classes. The Airline Catering Chef often heads the airline’s inflight catering department overseeing a management and […]

Airline Catering Shift Supervisor CV

The Airline Catering Shift Supervisor is responsible for meeting the catering production demands within the work shift hours assigned.  He or she reports directly to the Catering Head of a ground handling catering company or the inflight department of an airline.  The work involves implementing the production quota for inflight meals of flights to be […]

Airline Refunds Manager CV

The Airline Refunds Manager works in the airline’s headquarters or in major operating hubs and supervises a team of refunds clerks and accountants to process customer refunds in accordance with the airline’s policies and procedures.  The Airline Refunds Manager ensures that the ticket for refund is not on promotional discounted programs which are often ineligible […]

Steward CV

A steward is the asset of the service providing company be it a flight service or a cruise service or a hotel service. The stewards form the people aspect among the 7ps of marketing. They are the one who create the first impression while rendering a service. Hence the CV of a steward has to […]

Aviation Assistant Manager CV

Managing an aircraft is quite a tough job to do. It requires more than one professionals I the field to take good care of the whole airplane. An aviation manager looks after the whole operation and technical functions of the aircraft. He might appoint an assistant aviation manager so as to lessen his pressure with […]

Aircraft Mechanic Assistant CV

The mechanism of an aircraft is maintained the aircraft mechanic. The aircraft mechanic assistant is appointed in order to serve as a helping hand to the aviation mechanic. He does the work of replacing the worn out components and the repair of the aircraft. The mechanical details are very crucial for the aircraft to be […]

Sample Flight Attendant CV

The basic duty of a flight attendant is to pay utmost attention to the on flight passengers. He has to take charge of the fact that the passengers do not face any problem when they are on the flight and get every kind of help when on the flight. He has to build goodwill for […]

Airframe and Engine Mechanic CV

The technical defects and function defects arising in the airframe is taken care of by the airframe and engine mechanic. The checks and rechecks the systems every time the airframe takes a flight and afterwards too. He needs to have a perfect knowledge about the aircraft and its operations. The CV of an airframe and […]

Cruise Ship Master CV

A ship master CV has to lay the primary focus on the experience and training of the ship master. He is the person who leads the ship throughout the voyage. He is the main controller of the ship. He needs to be a person of great stamina to be put up in times of troubles […]

Sample Aircraft Mechanic CV

An aircraft mechanic has to take charge of every mechanical problems relating to the aircraft. He is in charge of the proper running and operation of the aircraft. He controls and looks after the complete mechanism of the airframe. He has to be an expertise person in the field of the mechanical specifications. An aircraft […]