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Construction CV

Construction CV is the resume developed for a construction worker. His work is strictly based on construction tasks related to architectural and engineering pursuits. The job may be limited to cognitive work like that of the managerial class or manual like that of the proletariat. The CV design depends on the nature of job and […]

Construction Site Engineer CV

A construction site engineer is a person who looks after the site which is under construction. He performs organisational and technical roles of constructions like building, bridges and other infrastructural projects. The CV of a construction site engineer should be one which speaks about his qualifications and skills required for the given job profile. The […]

Construction Safety Specialist CV

A construction safety specialist is a person whose job is to ensure that all the safety norms are being followed at any construction site he is employed at. His job is also to take care of the safety of the construction workers and the other crew working on a construction site. The CV of a […]

Construction Co Coordinator CV

A construction coordinator is a person who is in charge of all the happenings on any construction site. It is his job to direct activities of workers and look upon the specifications of the plan procedures and take care of the fact that the work is done accordingly. The CV of a construction coordinator must […]

Construction Contractor CV

A construction contractor is a person who is responsible for the construction site, day to day work such as taking care of the materials used, their records and acting as a link between the client and the workers. The CV of a construction contractor must focus upon the facts which make him eligible for the […]

Junior Architect CV

A junior architect is a person who assists senior architects in planning and designing buildings and construction sites. He gives opinions and supervises the architecture projects during their implementation. The junior architect creates designs and blueprints for building constructions and also implements them as per the requirements of the clients. Sample Junior Architect CV Richard […]

Business Architect CV

Business architecture is a field related to architectural management and development of business and the various aspects related to the business architecture field. Business architecture analyses building of models, plans and strategies to develop business and enterprises. He develops and motivates the business system of any business enterprise or organization. Business architects works on various […]

Industrial Designer CV

Industrial designer is one of the most challenging fields and candidates can apply for various jobs in this field. The job profile includes designing, evaluating systems, and developing new and better industrial designs to try and manage best production process. The job also includes other parts like QA, assistance and analysis. The moment you think […]

HVAC Technician CV

The job profile of HVAC technician includes heating, ventilation and AC or air cooling system that also helps in maintaining the perfect temperature of any place. This is an important job as it helps in relaxing the occupants to their jobs by offering the place with a consistent temperature and flow of air. Here you […]

Groundskeeper CV

Groundskeeper in the field of construction is a post that should be filled by the person who is capable of carrying out a number of tasks like performing maintenance for playgrounds, road lights, and road landscaping works, services and tools. This is a sample CV that you can make use of for creating your CV. […]