Category: Construction CV

Architecture CV

Architecture involves designing of buildings and in some cases supervising the construction work itself. When writing a resume to fill a position in the architecture field, the applicant will need to write a resume that reflects an in depth knowledge of buildings and the construction industry, new building techniques, materials and procedures. Indicating buildings and […]

Interior Design CV

Interior design is a career associated with neatness and precision. Your resume too should depict this organized, fashion sensitive format and careful choice of words to present a clear image of your style as a classy designer. You should put more emphasis on prior experience and projects undertaken as well as interior design related coursework […]

Foreman CV

A foreman’s CV reflects the face value of your experience as a builder. Job titles such as Construction Management, On-Site Supervision, construction manager and site foreman fall under this category. When drafting your CV, include a summary of your core competencies, accomplishments, strengths and quantifiable abilities. Your resume must illustrate how you managed to cut down […]

Construction Supervisor CV

A construction supervisor position is a formal post that requires applicants to pay careful attention in drafting their resumes. A contractor or employer will give priority to experience in years acquired over actual qualifications although both are very important. When writing your resume, you should therefore put more emphasis on experience in similar position if any. Construction supervisor […]

Town Planner CV

Towns the world over keep on expanding as the population keeps on growing. As such there is a huge demand for town planners. Employment is mostly in the public sector but you can also get a good job in the private sector with companies dealing with metro planning. A good resume is the first thing […]

Welder CV

A welder’s career can be very satisfying if you have the necessary skills and experience. There is not much formal training but the projects you have worked on in the past will be a big plus. When writing a welder curriculum vitae make sure you clearly show the projects you have worked on in the […]

Plumbing CV

Whenever there is a construction going on a plumber is always needed. He does all the piping in the building and ensures that the drainage works well. He also ensures that the bathroom, toilets, sinks, etc in a house are working perfectly. A good resume is a prerequisite to getting a plumbing job with a […]

Electrician CV

In our modern world almost everything has something electric in them. Electricians are always on high demand in the construction industry for instance. An electrician is involved in the wiring of buildings and ensuring that the lighting system, alarm system, etc is secure and works well. To get a job as an electrician with a […]

Painter CV

Art lovers know good paintings when they see them. If you are good painter your paintings can adorn houses and buildings for generations. However, for you to gain the required experience and get the necessary contacts you may need to start with employment. A potential employer will be interested in how you can benefit the […]

Carpenter CV

Carpenters are always in demand as people are always building. It could be houses or house furniture. A good carpenter is always assured of having work to do as satisfied customers will keep referring others. If you are interested in a carpenter’s job your resume should showcase your skills and experience acquired over the years. […]