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Customer Service Cashier CV

If you go through this customer service cashier CV you can get a instant start for creating optimized and effective resume so you can apply for the related job. You can easily customize and try to edit the sample CV with your personal data and information as per the requirement of the customer service cashier […]


BPO is one of the most flourishing and dynamic industries of the world today. The industry has got huge appeal among various fresh graduates and youngsters who wants to earn quick money.  People who work in the call centre industry can build a career in any other service industry as customer support professional. The CV […]

Team Leader CV

A Team Leader should perform some essential tasks to ensure that the team does well in any organization. A team leader understands the project objectives and meets them within the deadline. He motivates the team with his transformational experience. Most importantly, manages the conflicts in a team leading to creativity and productivity. You can achieve […]

Inbound Call Center CV

An inbound call centre is one which gives freedom to businessman from their office i.e. an inbound call centre handles all the incoming calls to their office regarding post sales queries from the customers. An inbound call centre agents handles all incoming phone calls for a company or organization. Inbound call center agents often provides […]

Outbound Call Center CV

An outbound call centre is one in which a call centre agent make the outbound calls to customers on behalf of clients or business. Mainly an outbound call is initiated from a call centre agent to customers on behalf of the call centre or a client for telemarketing, fund raising calls or sales, as well […]


Knowledge Process Outsourcing industry is growing very rapidly by leveraging some of the world’s brightest talents. The BPO sector is very closely related to the KPO sector when it comes to outsourcing the processes. In KPO knowledge processes are outsourced. With my experience several knowledge processes and managing operations, I want to contribute to the growth […]

Call Center Manager CV

A call center manager should have a broad call center management skill. He should possess strong leadership qualities. He should have a sound knowledge of the telephone communication system. Most importantly, a Call Center Manager should set an example and motivate all his employees to achieve their sales target and quality customer service. CALL CENTER […]

Receptionist CV

Receptionist is the first point of contact between the organization and a person visiting it. They attend the visitors and guide them to the concerned authority. Along with, they have to answer telephone calls of customers and interviewees. Skill sets required for a receptionist include ability to work in a multi-tasking environment comprising special projects, […]

Customer Service Manager CV

A customer service manager is entrusted with the responsibility of solving issues with in the customer service team and takes part pro-actively in formulating new strategies for sales optimization. The manager needs to be completely committed towards delivering highest standard of services to the customers. He/she has the ability to train, motivate and supervise the […]

Customer Service CV

At customer service centre, an employee work as a direct medium of contact between his/her company and customers. Depending upon the skills of the employee to address the grievance, the existing customer base of the company might increase or decrease. The employee needs to be Patient enough to understand the problem faced by the customer […]