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CV Articles

CV articles are basically documents that serve for a person’s academic and extra-curricular identification details, generally during an interview or for attaining jobs somewhere or applying for admission in some institute, etc. Depending on the specific purpose, the CV or curriculum vitae, as it is called, needs to be framed. It is to be prepared […]

Writing a CV for a walk-in interview

While you are planning to appear for a walk-in interview, there are a few must follows that you must observe to sail through the entire process. Since you are going for a walk-in interview, you have not got a chance to send across the resume beforehand. Hence the first time an interviewer is going to […]

Tips to writing a CV in 2010

Imagine that you are applying to a job and you are quite excited to get an interview call. But also imagine the number of similar such people who are equally excited about the vacancy and hence have also applied for the same job. Hence there is a high chance that your CV might get lost […]

How to write a fresher CV?

If you are fresher, just out of campus and are all set to write the first CV of your life, here are some of the tips that can come handy. Make sure to write your resume in .doc and .txt format. .doc format is required when you are submitting your resume online through a website. […]

How to prepare for a job interview?

Now that you have already received a call for the job interview, make sure you are fully prepared on your end to face the interviewers. Here are some of the basic things one must follow while preparing for an interview: Make sure you carry hard copies of your CV along with you in case the […]

How to write a CV which will get an interview for sure?

Any recruiter is in a lot of pressure to fill up the available vacancy as soon as possible so that he can get back to day-to-day work. Hence we can say that we are in better position of power than the employer. Before writing your resume, it is important to consider the main influences on […]

How to fake in a CV?

It has become a wide spread phenomena to fake in a CV. Highly demanding employers with their specific demands have made people fake in their CVs. It has been observed that almost two third of all CVs contain CV lies. However, the trick is to how to fake in a CV and yet not get […]

How to choose a resume writing service?

There are a lot of individuals/ companies offering professional resume writing services on the net. These services however come with a cost and hence need to be evaluated base on their performance. Here are some of the ways in which you can evaluate the resume writing service: Always go through the reviews and comments added […]

Top CV writing tips

A curriculum Vitae or CV as it is popularly called; creates your first impression on the employer’s mind. It can either make or break your most crucial chance of getting that much aspired job. Hence, it is important that you consider the below mentioned points while making your CV. Consider the job that you are […]

CV writing Job Objectives

It is important to understand your long term career goals and match it against the company profile to see what your short term goal and objective is. Once you have matched the both, it becomes easier to accurately narrate the same in your CV. Job objective is also important from the recruiter’s point of view […]