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How to craft the perfect CV in a competitive market

In a competitive job market, it’s crucial that your CV is working hard. A CV forms the first impression that a potential employer will have of you, and is often the key to whether or not you are asked in for an interview. Therefore, each time you send off your CV you should feel confident […]

CV Writing

Simply defined a CV, also known as curriculum vitae or resume, is an outline of an individual’s professional experience, educational background, skills and achievements. A CV which is mostly used as a promotional tool is crucial in any job search process. Individuals use resumes for purposes of marketing themselves to potential employers. An individual establishes […]

Sample Singaporean CV Format

A CV is something which is not confined or limited to a definite system, hence there are no rules guiding the format. Still a CV requires certain unavoidable things. It should consist of the detailed presentation of your academic qualification, work experience, merits of personality and achievements. It should be like a clear mirror reflecting […]

Sample Sri Lankan CV Format

It is true that no rules have been formed to confine a CV to a particular format. It means that a CV should comprise of your educational qualification, total job experience, your merits, your accomplishments and the striking features of your personality in such a way that the reader may be impressed. You can win […]

Sample Bangladeshi CV Format

No particular rules can guide you in writing your CV. Despite it, a CV should be prepared in such a way that it may reveal all about you in a distinct way. All the aspects of your personality along with your noteworthy achievements should be included in a noticeable way. Academic qualification and job experience […]

Sample Pakistani CV Format

As a matter of fact there can never be the rules to write a CV yet it is imperative that you should write a CV in such a way that it may give a clear idea about you. A CV must contain all the necessary details like the personal details, educational qualification, job experience and […]

Sample Indian CV Format

As such there are no rules to write a CV but it is necessary that you should write a CV in a manner that it gives clear idea about you. This includes all the details of yours like educational qualification, professional experience, personal details and achievements. The CV should be written in a manner that […]

CV Examples

An outstanding CV that reflects your strengths is an imperative in today’s competitive job market. To catch the eye of the potential employer/recruiter and give your application an edge over others, your CV should possess the following qualities; An applicant with relevant job qualification is a darling of potential employers and recruiters as the candidate […]

Sample CV Writing-1

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CV Form

A CV form is a resume that is totally different in formatting from the tradition al curriculum vitas we know. A CV form is formatted in such a manner that it is a table and the resume’s details are entered for easy access and in an organized chronological manner. Here is a sample of a […]