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Scannable CV

A scannable CV is a type of resume that is designed just like a traditional resume, only that the formatting features must be clear and free of graphics. A scannable CV is often printed on a white page with black font for clear and high contrast to make it easy to feed into the system […]

Creative CV

A creative CV sells! It catches the eye of the recruiter and expresses the message that a particular applicant may inject a ton of ideas into a company or institution. No employer would prefer an inactive employee. The current market is dynamic and job applicants need to use more than they learn in classing in […]

CV Download

Curriculum Vitae optimized for web download by prospective employers is different from any other resumes that a jobseeker may write. To start with, the format should be precise and to the point, avoid any unnecessary details, heavy and print-optimized fonts, formatting, and graphics. Besides this, a CV download must be in an either easily readable […]

CV Pro Forma

A CV pro forma is a structured resume that details work experience, achievements, academic and professional qualifications in a chronological order, the latest first. When filing a job application using pro forma curriculum vitae, clearly bring out the best points of your career, making the resume as precise and to the point as possible Sample […]

Good CV

A good resume or a good CV is not gauged by the number of pages. Rather, it is the formatting or the quality of data in the CV, which makes it stand out. To stand a greater chance of landing a job position, you need to come up with a good resume, an example of […]

Best CV

A good resume should reflect and promote your abilities, knowledge and job experience. Such a resume should show that you would bring those qualities to the job you are applying for. The CV should encourage the potential employer to invite for the interview and know more about you. Sample Best Resume Format Alice Thomas Cathay […]

CV Resume

The job market is dynamic, and applicants or job seekers that need to stay on top of the game must learn to adapt to this change. To develop a functional and practical, eye catching resume, flexibility and creativity are vital. Come up with ideas that make your curriculum vitae noticeable and unique. Here is a […]

Web Based CV

It is common knowledge that more than 75% of job applications are done online. Many jobseekers and recruitment agencies utilize the power of the web to market the availability for interview. Most of these applicants create resumes in the format that easily adapts the internet called a web based CV. Although these resumes may be […]

International CV

International CV requires more details for the prospective employer to consider you for an interview. Remember that the person on the other end may not know the kind of qualifications attained in your home country. Fine tune the CV to match the requirements in the country you are sending the job application. In Asian countries, […]

Asian CV

According to statistics, the Asian job market is very dense, especially in technology and unskilled workforce. Because of this, a jobseeker needs to design and write a resume that will present tons of relevant information for the recruiter to consider the applicant for an interview. When writing an Asian CV, it is important to keep […]