Category: Designer CV

Freelance Web Designer CV

A freelance web designer is one who works on a freelance basis on web designing projects for a company. The key duties of a freelance web designer include creation of web pages, creation of landing pages ,building web templates, ensure proper coordination of graphics on the client website, provide reports on technical specifications of website […]

Junior Digital Designer CV

A junior digital designer is an individual who usually works at the entry level position of a digital designing job and assist a digital designer. They are responsible for creating, designing and developing logos, graphical illustrations, images and logos for mobile phones, virtual newsletters, websites and e magazines. They have to ensure that their design […]

Professional Web Designer CV

A professional web designer is an individual whose job is to design as well as develop websites for clients and for internal use of the organization.  They have to write programming code from scratch and also adapt existing software and graphic packages used for websites. After designing and developing the website they have to test […]

Mechanical Cad Designer CV

A mechanical CAD designer is an individual who is responsible for creating designs for various mechanical devices as well as equipments. They have to use CAD software in order to do planning and developing the models, so it is necessary for them to have complete knowledge about CAD software. They also have to coordinate with […]

RF Designer CV

An RF designer is an individual who is also known as a radio frequency design engineer is responsible for evaluating signals of radio frequency with receivers and the signal transmitters.  These candidates are responsible for analyzing, designing and implementing of various networks of wireless communications. Their responsibilities also include testing radio frequency circuits, analyzing the […]

Production Designer CV

A production designer is also known as an art director and is responsible for designing the sets of a play, stage program, films or a television program. They can also be said to be the designer of the visual theme keeping in mind the concept or the theme of the production for which they are […]

Landscape Designer CV

A landscape designer is an individual who has to combine various elements in order to create a design that will match its surroundings. They have to analyze the cost and the expenses of various projects by taking notes of detailed description. They usually contribute in developing properties like state parks, roadside highways and recreational sites. […]

Visual Designer CV

A visual designer is an individual who works in the field of multimedia and is responsible for designing computer graphics that can be used in magazines, advertisements and websites. Besides designing, these candidates may have to sometimes liaise with the clients in order to understand their requirements and the budget. They have to develop concepts […]

Video Game Designer CV

A video game designer is an individual who design games that are played on computer or any other multimedia device. The candidate working at this position is responsible for all the aspects of the development process of a game. They need to oversee the preparation of game blueprint that contains information about all the features […]

Freelance Graphic Designer CV

A freelance graphic designer is responsible for developing creative ideas, concepts and then creating visually impactful presentation out of them. The work demands creative skills, technical knowledge and organizational skills. Freelance graphic designers usually cater to a wide range of clientele coming from various industry sectors. The creativity, skill sets and qualifications of the candidate […]