Category: Director CV

Financial Director CV

A financial director of any company works for the financial department, directing the working of other employees, monitoring cash flow statements, maintaining accounting registers, preparing and formatting financial records and other related field of work. A person applying for the job post of a financial director should be proficient to manage budgets, forecast the possibility […]

Development Director CV

A development director CV is a document that is submitted by an applicant applying for the job post of a development director. The CV mentions details of applicant’s skills, educational profile, professional experiences, personal details, awards etc. A person with good developmental skills, negotiating powers, decision making abilities and directional approach may apply for the […]

Procurement Director CV

A procurement director is a person who is a responsible member of the company, appointed for the purpose of developing and formulating various policies for the company, giving suggestions and advices related to the purchasing decisions and negotiating on various discussions. A person with sharp vision and other needed skills can apply for the job […]

TV Art Director CV

A TV art director belongs to the creative department of the Television and Media broadcasting agency. As an art director of the television, he is responsible to oversee the presentation of difference advertisements, daily soaps, movies, and commercials etc that are showcased on the TV. A TV art director directs, manages, analyse and approve the […]

Theatre Director CV

A theatre director is an integral part of the theatre industry dealing with creative interpretation and direction of the script, musical chores, characters and dramatic tools. As a theatre director, a person should have leadership qualities to direct other members, crew staff and the supporting characters to bring out a successful theatrical performance. With the […]

Digital Account Director CV

The main role of a digital account director is to oversee and analyse the overall production of the clients in accordance to the digital marketing campaigns. Working with the creative department of a company, he acts as in intermediate person between the digital creators and the creative department members. As a digital account director, a […]

Advertising Account Director CV

An Advertising account director works within an advertising agency or an agency offering multi services. The job post of an advertising account director is to direct the advertising executives and other advertising members for their works, promotions and procedures. He is responsible to look after the accounts of his advertising agency and carry out necessary […]

Business Development Director CV

A business development director plays a major role in any business organisation and is an integral part of a company. A business is thought, developed, initiated, progressed and finalised with the instructions and directions of a business development director. A person who wishes to seek the position of a business development director should possess a […]

Technical Director CV

A technical director or a technical manager belongs to the technical department of a software company, an industry, a film studio or a theatrical company. The job post of a technical director requires a person to have a very strong technical background with skills of directing employees and members towards the development or the execution […]

Regional Sales Director CV

Regional sales director is a person who belongs to the regional sales department of any company. As a regional sales director he is responsible for accomplishing the regional sales by hiring, training, analysing and reporting the working of employees of different regions, planning and monitoring the sales ratios in difference districts and coordinating the functioning […]