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Director CV

A director CV is a highly official document as it contains introductory and academic as well as additional details of various skills possessed by a person who is specifically applying for the post of a director of some company, business firm or any profit as well as non-profit making organization. To be on a director’s […]

Telecom Director CV

Telecom Directors of a large telecoms company are assigned responsibility in overseeing the operations of the company specific to certain geographic areas.  They provide managerial guidance and support for both technical and commercials. This involves ensuring optimum network service performance on any of the services of the company such as broadband internet, fixed line and […]

Software Company Director CV

The Software Company Director provides the commercial and technical leadership to a team of computer software designers and developers, system analysts and architects, sales engineers and implementation project managers in marketing the company’s software solutions to companies.   He or she implements the approved polices and procedures to ensure that its computer software products comply with […]

Recruitment Director CV

The Recruitment Director heads a team of recruitment officers or specialists tasked with the sourcing, screening, processing and placement of qualified applicants to fill the company’s job vacancies.  They develop the screening procedures, coordinate with job hunters locally and overseas to augment their recruitment prowess as well as endorse their shortlisted candidates for final selection […]

Tesco Marketing Director CV

The Tesco Marketing Director provides regional commercial leadership for the world’s second largest retail grocery chain in terms of profits after Wal-Mart.  In the US, the official commercial Tesco name is Fresh & Easy based in El Segundo, California and the Tesco Marketing Director is a local executive responsible for growing the US markets in […]

Event Director CV

The Event Director is responsible for planning, organizing, stage-managing, and orchestrating the many elements in an occasion slated for celebration.  Events can be public like parades but are more often corporate like promotions, sponsored sports events, product launchings, trade exhibitions, conference seminars, etc. The Event Director is the point man in any of these events […]

Engineering Director CV

Depending on the extent of its engineering operations, the Engineering Director heads a team of senior and junior engineers focused on certain disciplines such as civil works, energy and ecology concerns, geologic works, etc.  The Engineering Director provides the direction and leadership to bring the company’s engineering resources to achieve its business objectives. Engineering Director […]

Sports Director CV

Sports Directors are tasked with developing, implementing and managing sports programs in a university, school, community or corporation.  Depending on the reach and nature of the sports programs, they can marshal a number of athletic coaches for gymnastics, football, basketball, swimming, and other designated sports.  They are expected to implement the rules and standards for […]

Director for Labor Relations CV

The Director for Labor Relations heads the company’s efforts to maintain a healthy and productive relationship between labor and management.  The position heads a team of labor relations officers who are tasked to promote opportunities of labor management interaction, explain HR policies and Code of Discipline, activate grievance machinery, reconcile differences, arbitrate in any dispute […]

Public Relations Director CV

A public relations director is a person who manages the public relations management department in a company or an organization. They supervise media interactions with the company and also direct other PR officers to work and assign duties to them. They manage media relations, customer relations and marketing. In whole, they supervise and manage the […]