Category: Engineering CV

Mechanical Design Engineer CV

A mechanical design engineer is one who works in the process of designing and building mechanical machinery and related accessories in an engineering company. A mechanical design engineer can be a part of many different types of industries such as construction, power, transportation and many more. There are many crucial responsibilities fulfilled by a mechanical […]

Graduate Structural Engineer CV

A graduate structural engineer is a graduate who works in the field of construction and assists in designing the structural base of a building that needs to be constructed. The role of a graduate structural engineer is very vital in a construction company as it is the design structure that is provided by the structural […]

Geo Environmental Engineer CV

A geo environmental engineer is one who works in a company that is involved in land surveying or construction which requires assessment of land by an expert. The candidate has many essential responsibilities to perform such as assessment of land for any contamination, landfill assessment, conducting investigations for quality of ground surface, offering measures to […]

Petroleum production engineer CV

A petroleum production engineer is one who works in a company involved in the production of petroleum and natural gas products. The candidate has many responsibilities to fulfill such as study the pattern of hydrocarbons present in the surface, estimate the volume of crude that can be recovered, ensure maximum recovery of resources from the […]

Reservoir Simulation Engineer CV

A reservoir simulation engineer is one who works with an oil and gas company and is responsible for the control and installation of the oil rigging pool. The key responsibilities of a reservoir simulation engineer include make use of simulation tools to identify oil rigs, conduct survey to identify reservoir simulation flow, assist oil production […]

Artificial Lift Engineer CV

An artificial lift engineer is one who is in charge of all the activities involved in artificial lift operations. The job responsibilities of an artificial lift engineer include artificial lift designing, monitoring performance of all artificial lifts and optimization of the functioning of artificial lifts assigned to him. As the role of an artificial lift […]

Field Service Engineer CV

A field service engineer CV is a document that a person submits when he wishes to apply for the job post of a field service engineer. This is a document that mentions details about candidate’s skills, educational qualifications, professional experiences and other necessary information. A field service engineer should possess minimum of two years of […]

Customer Support Engineer CV

A customer support engineer is an integral part of an organisation, responsible for supporting and maintaining customer and client relationships. He or she is responsible for building up the effective client relationships that are essential for the overall development of an organisation. An applicant applying for the job post of a customer support engineer should […]

Desktop Support Engineer CV

A desktop support engineer CV is a document that a person has to submit when he wishes to apply his candidacy for the post of a desktop support engineer. Such a document mentions applicant’s job profile, interest, skills, objective and qualifications. A person who wishes to apply for the job post of a desktop engineer […]

Network Security Engineer CV

A network security engineer focuses on the security effects of the networked computer systems in an organisation. These engineers practice their profession to ensure optimum level of security and integrity and search for the networking risks. The job post of a network security engineer requires a person to have a sharp vision towards his work […]