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Systems Network Engineer CV

The system network engineers belongs to such corporations and organisations which requires proper maintenance and running of their computer networking systems. Such engineers excel in their technical skills and carry out the necessary works and procedures to build a successful system network. System networks engineers serve as an integral part of an organisation in which […]

Piping Engineer CV

A piping engineer is a person proficient with the knowledge of systems and networks of pipes, used for the flow of fluids from one defined location to another. He should be skilled with piping project planning, route selection, identifying damages in the pipes, feasibility of pipes, cost efficiencies etc. A piping engineer excels in handling […]

Rotating Equipment Engineer CV

A rotating equipment engineer is responsible to oversee the functionality of the rotating equipments or machinery in any organisation, workplace, etc. He is appointed with a purpose to improve the working of such equipments and identify the faulty parts, if any. To apply for the job post of a rotating equipment engineer, a person should […]

Design Electrical Engineer CV

The job post of a design electrical engineer is to design and develop electrical systems of an organisation. He is responsible for laying out the entire design of the electrical network of a company and also check the working of its components. A design electrical engineer should be skilled to assemble various electrical components, test […]

Engineering CV

Engineeringis a very competitive field. There are numerous qualified graduate engineers competing for limitedjobs. This however should not discourage any one from seeking a career inengineering. A high level of competition is being experienced in practically every industry. If you want to get that lucrativeengineering joball you have to do is stay one step ahead […]

Ceramics Engineer CV

Ceramics Engineers are educated and trained as chemical engineers who specialize in the formulation and development of ceramic products in industrial, medical, commercial and consumer industries.   Ceramics are found in medical and dental products, consumer products like tiles and tableware as well as consumer electronics. Ceramics Engineer CV Format Engr. Rebecca K. Halloway Sweetwater, Miami, […]

Oil Refinery Engineer CV

Also known as petroleum engineers, the Oil Refinery Engineer provides the technical and engineering design and development of processes involved in transforming crude fossil oils into useful refine fuel that industries can use.  They are employed in companies like Texaco, Shell, and Exxon. Oil Refinery Engineers are trained as chemical, electrical or mechanical engineers. Oil […]

Munitions Response Engineer CV

Munitions Response Engineers design and develop static and mobile devices, equipment and systems that support a military’s munitions response programs.  They collaborate with mechanical and electrical engineers as well as scientists in the testing and homologation of explosives, combat armaments and projectiles, detonation systems and  ballistic missiles. Munitions Response Engineer CV Format Engr. Donald R. […]

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Engineer CV

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Engineers are tasked with the technical design, development and deployment of power generating systems harnessing solar energy commercial and residential use. These include the main solar collecting panels, structural support facilities and power storage batteries.  They also serve as sales engineers to provide clients with technical and sales order support to both […]

Electrical Maintenance Engineer CV

An Electrical Maintenance Engineer is one that is delegated to oversee and maintain the control circuits and starters of electrical connections. This is also the position that is entrusted to closely monitor the condition of a company’s electrical-operated machines like polymer plant, chillers, compressor and even spinners. It is also the responsibility of electrical maintenance […]