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Financial Systems Analyst CV

The financial system analysts are the professionals who examine, audit and analyse the financial sector assets, debts, investments, profits and losses. With their interest and background in the financial industry, they are responsible to oversee financial record history of any organisation or a system and lay necessary analytical reports for the kind referral of managers […]

Financial Research Analyst CV

The job post of a financial research analyst requires a person to perform financial analysis and supervision both, internally as well as externally. A financial research analyst specialises in research works related to the finance department of the company and put forward his analytical reports for the full review. A person with good knowledge and […]

Financial Reporting Manager CV

The position of a financial reporting manager requires a person to have a sharp vision towards his work with good decision making skills to report various activities, procedures, complaints etc related to the financial sector. He is responsible for analysing, overseeing and reporting the financial adequacies or inadequacies, failures, successes, improvements and other minute details […]

Finance CV

Finance CVsare very crucial for all those aspiring to work in the financial sector. This is true for experienced professionals, fresh graduates and students looking forjobsand internships in the financial sector. Jobs in that require you to prepare afinance CVinclude finance director, Finance manager, Chief Financial officer (CFO), risk analyst, chief operating officer, investment analyst, […]

Asset Disposal Manager CV

Asset disposal manager is entrusted with the job of monetizing the disposal of assets that have zero book values. It forms a part of the miscellaneous income for the company. For larger companies with a large inventory of productive assets, this is a full time profession where he or she may be required to dispose […]

Tax Specialist CV

Many companies employ a Tax Specialist in their accounting departments to advise the chairperson or directors on the payment options to minimize the exposure to tax on new business ventures, mergers and acquisitions, non – business assets and daily operations. Their responsibilities also include looking after the taxes of corporate estates, foundations, trusts, and providing […]

Loss Control Director CV

The Loss Control Director’s job is mainly based on crisis management function. In case of any financial disaster that has recently occurred in the present or has already occurred, the loss control director is responsible for overseeing and looking into the problem. It aims to preserve the corporate reputation and prestige by setting action plans […]

Risk Management Director CV

An essential part of any business is managing financial risk. It is the job of risk management director to minimize these risks by identifying the causes, evaluating the marketing implications to the business in case of some form of litigation that might occur. Sample Risk Management Director CV John Brandon, 43, Main Paseo Drive, Boston, […]

Lead Financial Investigator CV

Financial investigators are assigned to a number of corporate responsibilities that include corporate acquisition efforts, credit investigation, recruitment of manpower, vendor accreditation. The job of a Lead Financial Investigator is to supervise their team. He is also entrusted with the job of minimizing the financial risk the company is facing while conducting transactions with vendors […]

Refund Manager CV

If damaged or unsatisfactory goods are returned at the retail store, then usually the sales agents and cashier supervisors issue the refund. But companies having elaborate revenue management system, like the airlines company, often appoint Refund Manager to take care of the procedure. It is the job of the refund managers to take care that […]