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Government Jobs CV

Competition for government jobs is very high as they are secure jobs. This means that recruiters will be going through hundreds of job government job CVs for every advertised government job. Your government job CV should therefore be well done to receive any notice from recruiters. A well done government CV is well thought out. […]

Criminal Investigator CV

Criminal Investigators work mostly state and federal investigatory policies agencies and are responsible for determining and establishing the scientific evidence behind a criminal event.  Said evidence is established to withstand scrutiny in a court of law to convict an alleged criminal.  They harness observatory, analytical and deductive skills with the help of modern forensic tools. […]

Airport Immigration Officer CV

Airport Immigration officers are responsible for securing the country’s borders from terrorists, undocumented and undesirable aliens attempting to penetrate the country’s ports of entries and borders.  Assigned in airports categorized as ports of entry, the man counters to check travel papers, identification and passports against a database of persons with valid US visas, against blacklisted […]

Probation & Parole Officer CV

Parole Officers are responsible in helping paroled convicts and felons in getting reintegrated back into mainstream society and ensure they have reformed well enough not to engage in the same criminals or felonious acts that have brought them to prison. Paroled convicts technically remain prisoners serving their sentences but have been granted freedom by the […]

Bailiff Officer CV

Bailiff Officers are state and local officers responsible in securing judges, attorneys and witness in a court of law and may serve as security guards, correctional officers, as well as bouncers and messengers to perform errands for court staff.  They are officers of the law who serve court summons and orders and generally secure court […]

Airport Customs Inspection Officer CV

Airport Customs Officers implement the nation’s customs import and export laws as they apply in international airports that are categorized as ports of entry.  They check shipments and their corresponding manifests and declarations as they arrive from air freight transports as well as conduct random checks on baggage content from arriving passengers form international airlines. […]

Federal Air Marshal CV

Air Marshals are law enforcement agents specialized in implementing the laws against terrorism in airports and occasionally boarding flights to implement the same while in flight.  They are among the law enforcers of the Department of Homeland Security and they work closely with airport immigration officers. airport and airline security officers as well as local […]

Licensing Clerk CV

Licensing Clerks are tasked to accept and screen registrants or applicants for licensure exams for certain profession that are regulated by the state or by non governmental association in order to practice locally.  They are often found in government and professional regulatory agencies.  The work can bring them to issuing licenses for professional driving, nursing […]

Stenographer CV

Stenographer is a person who prepares exact reposts of conferences, legal proceeding and every events of an organization. They generally possess ability to write shorthand that are symbolic writing methods that increase brevity of writing and speed compared to normal writing. Therefore CV of a candidate applying for the position of stenographer must highlight all […]

Government Auditor CV

Government appoints auditor or accountant for creating budget, tracking the cost and analyzing publicly funded programs. Government auditor therefore helps in keeping track of all the expenditures and income done. So a candidate must have certain qualities highlighted in their CV while applying for the position of Government Auditor. Sample Government Auditor CV Nancy Luke […]