Category: Healthcare CV

Consultant Cardiologist CV

Consultant cardiologists are licensed physicians who are especially trained in treating the blood circulation system and the heart. Consultant cardiologists usually function like any regular doctor regarding the examination of patients and attempts to find irregularities about the function of the heart. Consultant cardiologists often recommend preventive methods and proper treatments to stop the onset […]

Radiologist CV

Radiologists are also often known as radiology technicians. They are medical professionals who take the use of x-rays and various other forms of radiation technology for diagnosing and treating the illnesses of a human body. In most cases they have to work directly with physicians and various other medicine professionals. In some hospitals and nursing […]

Physician Assistant CV

Physician assistants practice medicine under the guidance of a senior surgeon or physician. They are trained for providing therapeutic, diagnostic and various allied healthcare services, as directed by the physician. Working as a member of the care giving team, physician assistants often take down medical histories and examine, monitor and treat patients. They also treat […]

Physical Anthropology CV

A physical anthropologist studies the origin, development, behaviour and other allied factors of human beings. The physical anthropologist also studies the way of life, physical characteristics and language traits of people in various parts across the globe. Such professionals often engage in the systematic recovery and scrutiny of material evidence like potter and excavation from […]

Physical Therapist CV

Physical therapists are important personnel in the caregiver sector. They provide services that help in restoring the functions, giving relief from the pain, improving the mobility and also providing prevention from the disabilities among patients who are suffering from diseases or injuries. Their contribution towards the restoration of a patient’s health is immense. The physical […]

Healthcare CV

Healthcare CV is the official resume of a healthcare worker whose responsibilities and jobs are included in the domain of health services. The services do not restrict itself to medical check-up of patients only but also emphasise on the ethical facets of healthcare. Moral principles form the core of the profession no matter which echelon […]

Hospital Admission Clerk CV

Acting like receptionists, Hospital Admission Clerks are responsible for logging incoming and outgoing patients, visitors and in some cases, function as timekeeper of administrative hospital resident doctors, nurses and employees. They are also responsible in enforcing hospital rules and regulations governing visitation hours, attendance, patient admission and discharge.   The position is a 24-hour full time […]

Medical Tourism Marketing Agent CV

Medical Tourism Marketing Agents trained travel agents with a focus in promoting overseas medical competences, often in countries with a thriving tourism industry. They develop travel packages that appeal to medical patients to undertake significantly more affordable treatment overseas while getting a good set of travel accommodation that include airline seats, cruise lines, hotels and […]

EMT-Paramedics CV

  EMT-Paramedics are licensed emergency medical practitioners who are responsible for providing first level medical attention to parties suffering sudden stoke or unconsciousness as well as accidents and violent homicidal assaults.  The provide life-sustaining aid to ensure they survive the journey to the nearest hospital.  They are mostly employed in accredited 911 emergency units as […]

Certified Dietician CV

Certified Dieticians are often culinary experts with a focus on maximizing the nutritive value of the foods they prescribe or prepare.  They are known to specialize in various capacities and employed across a number of industries. You can find them in hospitals and clinics as hospital or pediatric dieticians, in pharmaceutical companies as laboratory research […]