Category: Hospitality CV

Hotel Security Manager CV

The duty of a hotel security manager is to ensure that security is provided to the hotel guests, staff, hotel equipments and the hotel premise. A hotel security manager CV is an important document that an individual need to submit when applying for a job in the position of a hotel security manager. It is […]

Banquet Manager CV

A banquet manager is an individual who is responsible for ensuring that all the operations of a banquet run smoothly. They also oversee that during a party or an event taking place at the banquet the guests are attended properly. CV plays a very important role in order to work in the position of a […]

A Hotel Training Manager CV

A hotel training manager is someone who has in depth knowledge about the day to day operations of a hotel as they need to train employees of various departments of a hotel. The hotel training manager may have to assess training needs of an individual according to his position in the organization and also by […]

Hotel Chief Engineer CV

Hotel chief engineers are responsible for managing, maintaining and repairing of hotel equipments, tools or facilities. The primary duty of a hotel chief engineer is to ensure the smooth daily operation within the hotel by keeping the hotel facility up to date. Hotel chief engineers are required to give directions to the maintenance staff on […]

Hotel Coordinator CV

A hotel coordinator is responsible for maintaining coordination between all departments of the hotel. They are in charge of marketing and they need to ensure that the business is running smoothly in all sectors of the hotel. They need to make sure that the visitors and guests are comfortable and attended properly. They need to […]

Hotel Cost Controller CV

The responsibility of a Hotel Cost Controller is to manage and oversee the finance of the hotel. They are responsible for cutting costs, analyzing purchase reports & maintain cash summary and stock value report. They are required to oversee daily financial operations of the hotel like tracking laundry bill, telephone bill, banquet & equipment billing, […]

A Hotel Clerk CV

A hotel clerk is responsible for wide array of duties like registering and assigning room to guests, storing and maintaining customer information, making and answering phone calls, drafting mails and resolving queries. Hotel clerks need to give directions to the guests and make recommendations as per the needs of the customer. They should have good […]

A Hotel Executive Assistant Manager CV

A hotel executive assistant manager is responsible for maintaining coordination between all departments of the hotel. They manage and control the day to day operations such as room reservations, party booking, banquet booking, bill settlement etc. They also need to handle customer complaints and see to it that the problems are resolved by the hotel […]

A Hotel Assistant Manager CV

A hotel assistant manager assists the manager of the hotel and is responsible for monitoring and supervising a team of hotel staff and take responsibility for the smooth running of the hotel. They are in charge of daily operations of all departments of a hotel including the laundry service, room booking and reservations, managing and […]

A Hotel Front Office Manager CV

A hotel front office manager is responsible for managing and organising work in the front office of the hotel. They are required to monitor and supervise the employees in the front office. They need to build and maintain contact with all the guests and need to supervise and train all Front Desk staff to ensure […]