Category: Hospitality CV

Cruise Staff CV

There is a lot to be looked for when looking for people to work as the cruise personnel. This is because the ship’s staffing has to deal mostly with the client. They basically portray what the cruise company is all about and what they represent. The kind of attitude and behaviour that the staff has […]

Seaman CV

When writing a CV for a seaman it is important that your resume brings out the best requirements that are needed to get the job. A suitable resume should explore your skills, qualifications as well as the experience that one has. A good seaman’s vitae would look as follows. Sample Seaman Resume Template Geoff Hughes […]

Beauty Therapist CV

It’s a very important job as it deals with treatments that are given to the skin and the body to improve one’s appearance. It is therefore crucial to show that you are familiar with all the aspects of cosmetology and beauty. This is because lack of this kind of experience could cause injury to the […]

Spa Receptionist CV

Spa receptionist main duties are those of welcoming guests into the resort’s spa and running the front desk. As the assistant it is important that your organisational skills and interpersonal skills are high. Be sure that these are evident in your vitae. An ideal resume would like as follows. Sample Spa Receptionist Resume Template Jennifer […]

Barber CV

Barber and hair specialist’s jobs are highly competitive. There are no specific qualifications for a barber, although, good training and vast experience can really earn you a niche. In order to obtain a job as a barber therefore, your resume should stand out. Showing creativity, the ability to follow instructions, as the ‘client is always […]

Hairdresser CV

The hair industry is very exciting. Hair dressing, involves, hair weaving, straightening, braiding, and coloring. Braiding skills are of great importance, though not mandatory. Of equal importance, is to present the recruitment team a CV that makes you stand out from the rest of the applicants. You must ensure your resume shows your ability to […]

Nail Technician CV

Preparing a nail technician’s CV requires that you pay close attention to details. As a nail technician, your job is cut out, you are responsible for professionally helping a client achieve superior and attractive looking nails. Handling every client with an air of importance and making them feel kingly. The emerging nails trends should also […]

Therapist CV

Being that this is one of the oldest proven healing arts, and that it’s mostly herbal based, most people have taken to massage therapy. Having established that it is a never dying industry, make sure your resume reflects your proper understanding of the human anatomy. Your CV should also show proven record of attention to […]

Spa Manager CV

There are few areas in which a manager can work within the beauty industry. A spa manager’s resume is useful when applying for a job in a high profile establishment such as resorts, private members clubs or even a high profile beauty salon. Spa managers should be experienced in the field or have proper training. […]

Airport Security CV

An airport security takes his orders from the aviation officer. His job description is never specific to definite duties, but can vary based on necessity. When preparing an airport security’s resume therefore, there are a couple of traits that should stand out. You need to exhibit submission to authority, ability to take charge should the […]