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Human Resource CV

Human resource CVs are vital documents for those applying for jobs in the human resources sector. Given the growing stature of human resource jobs you can expect employers to pay a keen attention to your CV. Whether you are a college student applying for your first job/internship or an experienced professional you will find that seeking and putting […]

Payroll Clerk CV

The Payroll Clerk is responsible in processing the compensation of assigned employees, both new and old.  Depending on the size of an organization, Payroll clerks are often tasked in one or two departments such as markets and operations, or be geographic branches.  They recommend for approval periodic paycheck issuance as well as release of payroll […]

Payroll Manager CV

The company’s Payroll Manager is responsible for ensuring that employees as approved by the HR department are paid their salaries on the promised dates.  He is responsible for implementing approved compensation packages as well as deductions to comply with mandatory state and federal contributions, taxes and corporate employee receivables. Payroll Manager CV Format David O. […]

HR Interviewer & Investigator CV

HR Interviews provide the first level screening for job applicants to shortlist those that can proceed to the next screening level.  They are often part of a company’s recruitment department or 3rd party head hunter firms.  Many are trained psychologist with the skill to read through speech behavior while others have been coached on what […]

HR Advisor CV

A HR advisor is an individual who looks after the employee relations in a business organization and takes care of any issues related to the employee. He also attends to the complaints of the employees regarding the management or the payroll or any company benefit which the employee has been denied. The CV of HR […]

HR Planner CV

An HR planner is an individual who is employed in the human resource department of an organization and prepares the recruitment policies the organization. The HR planner chalks out various policies to be followed by the employees and also advises the employees about those policies and procedures.  The CV of HR planner should highlight his […]

HR Assistant Manager CV

AHR assistant manager is an individual who works in the human resource department of an organization as an assistant manager. The hr assistant manager assists in any policies or procedures implemented by the head of the human resource department and also ensure that the employees are aware about these policies and procedures. The CV of […]

Employee Relations Officer CV

An employee relations officer is an individual managing and designing all the policies of the company that will affect the employees. The individual has to work at both operational as well as strategic level by acting as an intermediary between an employee and an individual from the management. The CV should have experiences of the […]

Compensation Executive CV

A compensation executive is an individual who works in the compensation and benefits department of an organization in a managerial level. The compensation executive needs to keep track and calculate of the various compensations to be received by the employee of the organization and also ensure that the compensation is valid. The CV of a […]

Equal Employment Opportunity Manager CV

An equal employment opportunity manager is an individual who looks after that all the employees are given equal opportunity based on merit of the employees rather than their gender or caste or race. He makes sure that the opportunities at the work place are fair and equal and all employees get equal opportunity to prove […]