Category: Human Resource CV

HR Administrator CV

A HR administrator CV should show that you are a seasoned and experienced person. It should also show your field of expertise, how your career has progressed and major achievements that you have had. You also need to illustrate that you have broad range of skills. Show evidence that you have successfully managed a group […]

Recruitment Consultant CV

Competition for recruitment consultant jobs is very high. You have to tailor your CV to ensure you match up to employment standards and get recruitment. As much as your educational qualifications are necessary in this job, your interpersonal skills are also important. You need to show that you are sharp and in touch with current […]

HR Consultant CV

When you are looking for placement as a HR Consultant, you to need to show in your CV that you have more than technical expertise for the job. As a consultant, you need to communicate the idea that you are an analytical individual who is very conversant with HR. During recruitment, show that you have […]

Recruitment CV

Recruiters need to demonstrate an in-depth knowledge in the field that the organization they are applying to deals with. A recruiter CV should reflect an extensive period of working experience in the field. The recruiter CV should also show that you have analytical skills as well as good communication skills.    In some cases employers […]

Public Relations CV

Public relations jobs are a great responsibility. The image of the organization rests on the shoulders of their public relations officers. Organizations are therefore cautious when hiring people to fill vacant public relations jobs.    There are no specific academic qualifications that can help you land a job in public relations. Finding out all you […]

HR Manager CV

HR management jobs are in high demand. Many people are crossing over from their jobs and field to the human resource field by studying diplomas and certificates in human resource management. The competition for these jobs is therefore very high. Experience in the field is an added advantage but is not always necessary. Many firms […]