Category: Information Services CV

Museum Education Officer CV

Museum education officers work in museums to ensure visitors and children get best educational experience from their visit. A museum education officer has to be informative and must have sound knowledge of various things kept at museum. Therefore, the CV of the candidate applying for this position must highlight all his or her skills and […]

Historical Researcher CV

Historical researcher is the person who researches on historical resources to acquire knowledge about various aspects of past. They provide specialize research services for an individual or organization. Hence a candidate applying for the position of historical researcher should mention all the essential qualities. Sample Historical Researcher CV Trecy Lewis 24/Houton bay New island, USA-688 […]

Heritage Interpreter CV

Heritage interpreter is the person who communicates information about or gives explanation of the origin, nature and the purpose of a historical or cultural resources, object and site. Hence the CV must highlight all the qualities of a candidate applying for the job of heritage interpreter Sample Heritage Interpreter CV Jay Kirkwood 49/B Lindsay Street […]

Heritage Manager CV

An evolving career like heritage management extends into a broad realm of responsibilities such as conservation of heritage sites and monuments which have got world ranking for the preservation of the countries cultural heritage. Hence certain qualities must be pertained in the candidate applying for the post of a heritage manager. Sample Heritage Manager CV […]

Regulatory Affairs Officer CV

Regulatory affairs officer is a person responsible for controlling regulation and operation of any field. They are the one who implement new methodologies and strategies for ensuring proper regulation of any particular field they are handling. Therefore, the CV of a candidate applying for the position of regulatory affairs officer must contain certain qualities for […]

Genealogist CV

A genealogist conducts investigation into genealogical past of an individual or family in order to ascertain his/her descent from exact ancestor or to determine and identify the forefathers of that individual or family. The CV of genealogist contains details of his academic qualifications as well as work experience and definitely his career skills. Sample Genealogist […]

Archaeological Conservator CV

Archaeological conservators are specialists in comprehending processes of corrosion and decay in a broad variety of substances. They have a good understanding of how to care for such decayed substances. The CV includes details of job objective and work experience along with academic background. Sample Archaeological Conservator CV Richard Louis 32 New Roads New York […]

Information Scientist CV

An information scientist designs data system to provide clients with precise data from computer storage space, makes use of knowledge of electronic information processing principles, maths, and knowledge of computers. The CV must contain details of the scientists’ work experience as well as special skills and educational background. Sample Information Scientist CV Richard Jones 32 […]

Records Manager CV

A records manager is in charge of the effective and suitable administration of a firm’s records. He also has to store, arrange, index and classify records. His CV has all the details of his academic background, career skills, special skills, job objectives and work experience. Sample Records Manager CV Richard banks 32 New Road New […]

Career Information Officer CV

A career information officer is someone who offers advice and counselling on a person’s career. He is well aware of all sorts of details pertaining to different career options and decides what is right for a particular person’s career. His CV must contain all the information regarding his academic background as well as his career […]