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Data Entry CV

A data entry keyer, sometimes referred to as data entry operator, enters raw data consisting of numbers, symbols, text, graphics or multimedia into the computer for processing, research, distribution or storage. Data entry operators handle diverse forms of data. Therefore, when writing curriculum vitae to fill the post of a data entry keyer, clearly point […]

Internet Marketing Manager CV

An Internet marketing manager creates, analyzes measures and optimizes online marketing programs to realize marketing goals. As an online Internet marketing manager, your resume has to be comprehensive on major factors that influence the Internet market including product marketing, marketing communications and sales to create and deploy highly efficient online marketing programs including email campaigns, […]

Web Application Developer CV

A web application developer is a broad field requiring specialization on the part of the applicant. When applying for a post in the web applications development field, it is vital for the applicant to specifically point out his or her strong points based on previous successful projects, talents, interest or desires. A web application developer […]

Web Administrator CV

A web administrator is responsible for managing, enhancing and delivering new capabilities to a variety of web applications. The web administrator supports and maintains multiple web sites with duties including installing production reports, software, and capacity planning, monitoring uptime and customer support. When writing a web administrator CV, it is vital that the applicant clearly […]

Website Manager CV

A website manager leads and coordinates the development of a website’s general layout and functionality. These include the website’s content look and feel, branding, messaging, site features, information architecture and functionality. Your resume speaks for you, so when applying for a position in the Web management, let your past experience and abilities speak for you. […]

PHP Developer CV

A PHP developer is responsible for the layout, design and coding of a website specifically in PHP format. The job involves figuring out the graphical and technical features of a website. A PHP developer resume should reflect the applicant’s abilities, skills and experience if any in the web development arena. Illustrate clearly your special talent […]

CAD Technician CV

When applying for a job as a CAD technician, your resume must explicitly illustrate your abilities and sense of art and passion in the work. A good CAD technician must understand the technicalities and challenges involved in producing impressive drawings. Some of the duties expected of you include performing a wide variety of drafting duties […]

Web Developer Sample CV

A web developer creates and designs clients’ websites according to specification. Web development is any activity related to building a web site. It typically refers only to the non-design aspects of constructing web sites like markup writing and coding. When writing a web developer resume, emphasize on the knowledge and experience you have in web […]

Visualizer CV

A visualizer transforms basic graphical ideas like pictures, written texts or images into realistic dimensional graphics that are easy to understand and eye-catching. The graphics can be in 2d, still, animated 3-dimensional or the latest 4 Dimensional. These are usually referred to as the artist’s impression because the idea and originality may not necessarily be […]

Graphic Designer CV

When writing a graphic designer resume, it is important to note that Graphic designers create visual solutions to communication barriers by analyzing the condition and coming up with the most appropriate means of passing a message. Therefore, a graphic designer CV or resume needs to clearly illustrate your creativity, talent and passion in art to […]