Category: Legal Services CV

Attorney General CV

Attorney generals act as the chief law officer in the Department of Justice in a state, city or county.  They provide state legal services for the general peaceful situation of the state.  To do this, they must be highly experienced with state cases and continually be updated with state affairs.  They support the implementation of […]

District Attorney CV

District Attorneys are appointed officials who represent a county, city or state in criminal cases.  They uphold the interest of the state to maintain peace and order and give due sanctions to those who have broken the law.  They are involved in the prosecution of each criminal case presented under his jurisdiction as well as […]

Prosecutor CV

Prosecutors are responsible for convincing the judge or jury that a person is guilty of committing a crime.  To do so, they must be backed up with good evidences and just motives together with their persuasion skills.  They work for the interest of the government in maintaining peace and order in the society.  They perform […]

Criminal Defense Lawyer CV

Criminal Defense Lawyers are law practitioners who specialize in criminal cases.   They are well versed with the laws and legal actions governing crimes of different types and degrees.  Because they handle crime cases, they must be able to have a strong foundation in investigation and information gathering while taking into consideration legal impediments of these […]

Legal Executive CV

Legal Executives are qualified lawyers who work with solicitors.  They are tasked to handle specific areas and cases brought by individual clients.  Their specific areas of specialization may include criminal law, civil cases, family law and probation.  They must interview their clients to gather information and process it to create the best motion to handle […]

Judicial Law Clerk CV

Judicial Law Clerks play a very significant role in the legal field.  They are responsible for drafting legal memoranda, orders and legal advices released by lawyers.  They analyze statutes, regulations and issues that are crucial for the lawyers to study for specific cases.  Law Clerks prepare documents with meticulous attention to details and must do […]

Legal Marketing CV

Legal Marketing associates take on an important role in companies.  They ensure that all marketing activities of the legal departments are beneficial and would invite potential clients to avail of the services of the office.  They support the marketing initiatives established and implemented by the marketing department.  Marketing associates own the end-to-end execution of key […]

Criminal Law Solicitor CV

Criminal Law Solicitors are established lawyers who are in practice for quite a period of time.  They must have extensive experience in handling criminal cases.  They provide expert legal support and advice to clients by giving instructions on how to deal with their cases.  Issues of clients may include crimes of various degrees such as […]

Junior-Legal Secretary CV

Junior-Legal Secretaries provide secretarial and administrative support to the legal secretaries of lawyers and legal executives.  They are responsible for keeping records and information for the perusal and disposal of the judge and attorneys.  To be efficient, the records and files must be kept updated and they should give prompt information to the attorneys regarding […]

Intellectual Property Lawyer CV

Intellectual Property (IP) Lawyers are civil attorneys who provide corporate lawyering to handle cases that involve disputes over Intellectual Property rights either as a litigant or a defendant. These IP rights can include patents and copyright infringements as defined by local statutes.  They are also involved in international application of IP laws agreed between countries […]