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Management CV

Management CVsneed to be well prepared as this is becoming an increasingly competitive field. AManagement jobneeds a lot of attention as you are being given the responsibility to run and ensure the success of a specific part of an organization. If yourmanagement CVis to make any kind of positive impression in the mind of therecruiter, […]

Business Consultant CV

Business consultants are persons who provide consultancy services relating to business issues. They provide information and suggestions relating to management of risks and business profits. The business consultants play an important role in the successful running of business enterprises as they give information about the successful business fields. Sample Business Consultant CV Francis Ford Galley […]

Event Planner CV

An event planner is a person who plans and organizes an event, festival, ceremony or any occasion. Event planning includes budgeting the occasion, establishing venues, reschedules dates and arranged parking and other arrangements. The event planer takes the dates of any occasion provided to him by the clientele and as per that arranges venues and […]

Events Promoter CV

Event promoters work for event management companies. Their primary responsibility is to conceive a media event and arrange needed resources to conduct the event. They are involved from conceiving stage to actual implementation of the plan. They plan event itinerary and logistics, advertisement etc. Event promoters should have innovative and creative thought process. Event promoters […]

Management consulting CV

Management consultants are growing in demand particularly with the current financial constraints. They assist organizations to improve their performance by analyzing the existing problems and developing plans to improve. The management consultants’ CV should demonstrate a lot of experience in strategy development, operation improvement and change management. Recruitment for this position involves seeking for individuals […]

Project Manager CV

There are no specific qualifications for project management jobs. The requirements vary from one organization to the next. There are however some aspects of the project manager CV that are similar across different industries. Project manager CVs should reflect experience in the specific field in which the organization is involved in. If no work experience […]


An MBA degree though not easy to obtain is on high demand. There are many people who have seen the benefits of the business world and are studying for MBAs. These people are from various professional backgrounds. Even doctors are studying for MBAs. This therefore means that the competition for jobs requiring people with MBA […]

Risk Management CV

Applicants in the field of risk management should put a lot of thought into the preparation of their risk management CVs. Find out the areas and types of disasters the organization you are applying to deals with. If you have experience with a similar situation, this should be emphasized in your risk management CV.   […]

Consultant CV

There are numerous advertisements in the classifieds section for consultants with various firms. Consultants work in various fields. There are business consultants, financial consultants and management consultants amongst many others. A consultant CV should reflect an in-depth knowledge of the field to which you are applying. Management consultants CVs should demonstrate to the employer that […]

Business Development CV

Business development CVs should be prepared with the organization being applied to in mind. Find out the type of business and clientele the firm deals with then evaluate what skills you may have that would be beneficial in dealing with these clients. Recruiters of business developers look for innovative people. Skills such as analytical, communication […]