Category: Manager CV

Volunteer Manager CV

A volunteer manager is an individual who is responsible for planning, coordinating and managing all the aspects of volunteering either for a particular organisation or for another company for which he/she is working on a contract basis. A volunteer manager recruits and handles the activities of all the volunteers and sees to it that an […]

Communications Manager CV

A Communications Manager is an individual who is required to prepare and design documents through which communication within a company can be made easy. He/she is also responsible for handling all kinds of communication of the company with its stakeholders or clients etc. To become a communications manager in a company, one needs to come […]

Restaurant Assistant Manager CV

A restaurant assistant manager is an individual who is responsible for managing and coordinating the activities of the staff members of a restaurant. These individuals supervise the tasks of others and see to it that the day to day activities of the restaurant run smoothly. To apply for the job of a restaurant assistant manager, […]

Editorial Project Manager CV

An editorial project manager is an employee of a publishing company or a firm who is responsible for handling all the aspects of the content of publishing and helps writers, journalist, photographers and editors in putting together a story. Anybody who is interested in applying for this position must first frame a CV which consists […]

Programme Manager CV

A Programme manager is an individual whose job is quite similar to that of a project manager.  He/she is responsible for planning, implementing and managing various projects which can help the company to reach its desired goals and objectives.  These individuals have to perform a varied number of duties and for this; they must possess […]

Technical Support Manager CV

A technical support manager is an individual who is responsible for handling and monitoring the technical support activities of the firm and must maintain the computer systems and networks of the company. Any individual who is interested in the position of a technical support manager must prepare a CV or resume which describes his/her qualifications, […]

Technical Account Manager CV

A technical account manager is an individual who is hired by an organisation to solve account related issues and act as a channel between different departments of the company. He/she is also responsible for ensuring that the service quality standards are well maintained. A technical account manager CV is a resume of Curriculum vitae of […]

Technical Services Manager CV

A technical services manager is an individual is responsible for providing various kinds of technical services to an organisation. The job may require the candidate to analyse reports, troubleshoot problem areas, financial accounting and even payroll planning.  A technical services manager CV is a CV or a resume of a technical services manager which is […]

Beauty Salon Manager CV

A beauty salon manager CV is a formal document prepared by an aspiring beauty salon manager to apply for the job position at a beauty salon. Any such document states the various professional details of the candidate along with his/her work experience and is aimed at acquiring the job position. A beauty salon manager CV […]

Media Account Manager CV

A media account manager CV is the curriculum vitae or resume of a person who is interested in becoming a media account manager and is applying for the position in a company. A media account manager is an executive of a media company who works in direct link with the clients to ensure that the […]