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Marketing Brand Manager CV

A marketing brand manager is an employee hired by a company to create a strong and impressive image of the company among customers and clients. He/she is responsible for marketing the brand in such a way that it has a lasting impression on the customers. A marketing brand manager CV is a resume of a […]

Marketing Account Manager CV

A marketing account manager is an employee of a company who forms a link between the company and its clients/customers. He/she acts as the primary bridge between those clients who are looking for business with the company and has many duties and responsibilities to fulfill. In order to apply for a job at this position, […]

Marketing Campaign Manager CV

A marketing campaign manager is an employee of the marketing department of the company who is responsible for the designing, planning, testing and executing of a marketing campaign. He/she creates these marketing campaigns but studying the market and conducting a research on it. If an individual wishes to apply for the position of a marketing […]

Regional Sales Manager CV

Regional sales manager as the title suggests is the team leader or the head of a sales team. The said sales team must comprise a regional segment of the organisation where the individual is employed. Being the head of the sales team, the individual holds the critical job of managing all the team members, maintaining […]

Sales Manager Assistant CV

A sales manager assistant also known as an assistant sales manager is an individual who is employed in the sales department of an organisation. These individuals have to meet a number of duties and responsibilities such as the preparing the required presentations, ensuring that the follow up activities are accomplished, monitor/ manage all the relevant […]

Assistant Marketing Manager CV

An assistant marketing manager is one who provides support to the marketing activities of marketing department in an organization. The role of an assistant marketing manager is very vibrant and revolves around activities such as devise and execute marketing strategies under the supervision of marketing manager, conduct research and collect as much information as possible […]

Affiliate Marketing Manager CV

An affiliate marketing manager is one who is responsible for the affiliate programs of a company. The role of an affiliate marketing manager revolves around activities such as maintaining existing affiliate marketing programs, acquiring new customers for affiliate programs, provide information on affiliate networking to clients when necessary, apply marketing tools for upkeep of affiliate […]

Email Marketing Manager CV

An email marketing manager is one who takes care of the email marketing activities of the clients of a company. The prime duty of an email marketing manager is to maintain the relationship with the client in fulfilling the email marketing needs by providing necessary inputs to attract the target audience. Some of the other […]

Digital Marketing Manager CV

A digital marketing manager is one who is in charge of the electronic marketing activities of a company. The digital marketing manager has many responsibilities to fulfill such as improve the online website of the company for better visibility, making modifications to the website, using various digital techniques such as SEO etc for improving online […]

Manager CV

Manager CV’sshould be able to project the idea of good leadership skills, time management as well as financial management. If you are looking for ajobas amanager, tailor yourCV formatto illustrate these facts.Employerswould also be interested to see any management successes you have being involved in and the achievements made while in a management position. YourCVshould […]