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Manufacturing Resume

This sample manufacturing CV will assist you when writing a resume for your job application that will call for attention from the prospective employer. Your manufacturing resume should be able to show your strengths and skills. The sample manufacturing CV below will assist you come up with such a resume. Jacob Riclier 5647, North 54 […]

Industrial Production Control Manager CV

An industrial production control manager is a person who is appointed by an industry to look after the various tasks related to the production control of the goods and materials used. An industrial production control manager CV is a CV of a person who is applying for the job of an industrial production control manager […]

Metal Refining Furnace Operator CV

A metal refining furnace operator CV is a CV of a person who is applying for the position of a metal refining furnace operator in a metal refinery. The CV must be self explanatory and must focus upon points such as career objective, work experience and educational qualifications which make the applicant suitable for the […]

Production Worker CV

A production worker CV is a CV of a person who is a skilled production worker and wishes to apply in a company for this post. The CV must focus upon the career objective, work experience and skills of the candidate which make him suitable for the job position. A production worker may be required […]

Factory Packer CV

A factory packer CV is a CV made by a person who is interested to apply for the post of a factory packer. This job may require the candidate to be an efficient packer and also good at tasks such as cleaning, material handling, processing of goods used in the factory. Factory packers are employed […]

Manufacturing Director CV

Manufacturing director CV is a written document which is drafted by those interested in getting a job as the manufacturing director of a company or any organisation. The CV must consist of the skills, qualifications, career objective and work experience details. A Manufacturing director is an employee of an organisation who is responsible for all […]

Mechanical Assembler CV

A mechanical assembler CV is needed for professionals who want to become mechanical assembler in any manufacturing firm. The job of a mechanical assembler involves carrying out different types of mechanical operations like assembly, organizing, using tools and equipments, etc. A sample mechanical assembler CV is given here so that it can help aspiring candidates […]

Assembly Line Worker CV

An assembly line worker CV is required for aspiring professionals who want to become assembly line workers. The job of an assembly line worker involves assembling different assembly lines which includes manual intervention. Such activities include fitting screws, drilling, etc. The job needs people with semi skills with manual dexterity. The job does not need […]

Manufacturing Manager CV

A manufacturing manager CV is a very useful document for anyone interested to enter the field of manufacturing and aiming to become a manufacturing manager. The job of a manufacturing manager involves many responsibilities and should be taken up by an able professional who have the relevant education in manufacturing field and has served the […]

Manufacturing Process Engineer CV

A manufacturing process engineer CV will be very handy for professionals and students who want to pursue a career as a manufacturing process engineer. The candidates who are applying for the job of a manufacturing process engineer should possess the relevant educational background e.g., manufacturing engineering and work experience. The candidates should possess knowledge in […]