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Manufacturing Plant Manager CV

The main job of a manufacturing plant manager is to take care of the operations in a manufacturing plant and review all the manufacturing processes so that they work in their optimal capacity. The manufacturing plant manager is a middle level management role and has to take up hiring of employees, maintenance of machines, periodic […]

Manufacturing Planner CV

A manufacturing planner is a very important role in a manufacturing and production organization. A manufacturing planner is responsible for planning all the manufacturing activities in such a way that all business processes are streamlined and they get delivered to the end customer within appropriate deadlines after going through internal and external quality testing. The […]

Line Worker CV

A line worker CV will be useful to prepare an effective resume when one wants to become a line worker in an organization. In the position of a line worker, the candidate applies his technical knowledge and expertise and carries out his tasks and responsibilities. The position of a line manager can be found in […]

Forklift Operator CV

The function of a forklift operator is a highly manual job which involves carrying heavy equipments like goods, raw materials, etc. They could be given specialised equipments to transport the materials which they should be able to use. In other manufacturing and production companies, the forklift operator needs to carry the materials on their own. […]

Factory Worker CV

An individual who possess basic education and has skills to work for manual tasks in a factory setting can apply for the position of a factory worker. In these cases, the individual can use the factory worker CV and apply in any manufacturing and production company. The work in this field is not very intellectual; […]

Quality Control CV

A quality control CV can be very helpful for candidates who want to become quality control professionals. The CV will guide the candidate to prepare an effective resume with various sections neatly presented and adequately explained so that the employers can find it easier to select the CV among innumerable other resumes. The below sample […]

Sample Production Engineer CV

A sample production engineer CV is a sample of a CV which belongs to a candidate applying for the post of a production engineer at an organisation or company. This sample CV is fully detailed and is as good as an original Production engineer CV. The use of this Sample CV lies in the fact […]

Production Engineer CV

A Production engineer CV is a resume of a person who is applying in a company for the post of a production engineer. This CV must consist of all the information which makes the candidate suitable for the job position. A production engineer is in charge of planning and operating various ideas and engineering designs […]

Manufacturing Engineer CV

A manufacturing engineer CV is a CV which consists of all those skills and qualifications which make the applicant the right choice for the job of a manufacturing engineer. This job profile requires the candidate to apply his engineering specialisation for the purpose of planning and manufacturing of products or services for the company. This […]

Manufacturing Supervisor CV

A manufacturing supervisor is an employee of a company or organisation who is appointed for playing the role of a person involved in supervision and management of the manufacturing unit or department. This job requires the candidate to organise the capital and services essential for production and manufacture of products produced b the company. A […]