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Sports Marketing Assistant CV

Sports’ marketing assistant CV is a CV of a person who is applying for the post of a sports marketing assistant in a sports products related company. Such CVs consist of the information which makes the applicant the right candidate for the job. A sport marketing assistant is a sales and marketing expert who is […]

Fashion Marketing CV

A fashion marketing CV is a CV of a person who is responsible for the marketing operations of a fashion house or fashion company. This job requires the candidate to be skilled at sales and marketing techniques and in touch with the fashion scenario in the market. The fashion marketing CV consists of the skills […]

Product Marketing Manager CV

A product marketing manager is an employee of a company who is responsible for the product marketing of a particular product produced by the company. He is in charge of planning, implementing and managing of the sales and marketing strategies which help to increase the sales of a product or products. A product marketing manager […]

Sports Marketing Manager CV

Sport marketing is a vast field which can include areas such as advertising of the sports associations or the products associated with them and also promotion of various products related to sports. Sports marketing manager is the person who manages all the tasks related to advertising, promoting and overall selling of the sport .The CV […]

Food marketing manager

Food products often require marketing techniques such as branding, targeting and consumer research to promote them and upraise their value. For this purpose, food marketing managers are employed by companies that make food products. A food marketing manager should draft his CV in such a way that it speaks about his qualifications which put him […]

Fashion Marketing Manager

A fashion marketing manager is a person who is responsible for dealing with all the marketing strategies and its management in a fashion brand or a company. Only a skilled professional who has experience in the particular field along with appropriate knowledge can apply for this position. The CV of a fashion marketing manager should […]

Marketing Representative CV

A marketing representative is a person who speaks on behalf of the product or company that has produced a product or a service. His job is to represent his company and help in the marketing of a particular product. The CV of a marketing representative should consist of all those points like qualifications and skills […]

Marketing Intern CV

A marketing intern CV is made by that person or applicant who wishes to apply in an organisation as an intern in the marketing department. The job of a marketing intern is mainly on training basis and the profile of this job is more of a learning period or experience for fresh job seekers. The […]

Marketing Coordinator CV

A marketing coordinator is a person whose job is to promote a business or an organisation by giving his inputs relating to advertising, writing and dealing with press interest. The CV of a marketing coordinator should contain all the details relating to academics, skills and work experience. The following is a sample of a marketing […]

Marketing Planner CV

A Marketing planner is that person who works in an organisation or a company and plans or makes strategies for the marketing of a product or a service. This is one of the most important of positions in any company as the foundation for the success lies in the mind that works behind planning the […]