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Industrial Pharmacist CV

An industrial pharmacist is an individual who works for pharmaceutical companies, government agencies and other research organisations. These individuals specialise in the development of new drugs and medications with the use of various technologies and methodologies. They must be well qualified and knowledgeable which must reflect in their CVs. The CV must be precise, clear […]

Medical Practitioner CV

A medical practitioner, in simple words is called a doctor or anybody who practices the profession of medicine.  A medical practitioner is responsible for treating the medical problems or conditions of people and may be required to fulfill many work duties and responsibilities such as detecting diseases, treating injuries, diagnosing illnesses, conducting surgical procedures etc. […]

Medical Receptionist CV

A medical receptionist is a receptionist who works for a medical facility and is responsible for handling all the tasks of the reception or front desk. He/she is not only responsible for greeting and guiding patients and their families but also taking calls, booking appointments, providing customer satisfaction and many such duties. A medical receptionist […]

Medical Information Officer CV

Every medical facility or healthcare centre needs an employee who is responsible for collecting and keeping safe medical information which can be vital for the facility. A person working at this position is termed as medical information officer.  This is a relatively newer post in the medical industry and has a set of varied duties […]

Medical Editor CV

A medical editor, also known as a scientific editor is an individual who is responsible for editing a scientific or medical write up. He/she checks the articles for mistakes, grammar errors, phrasing errors and also misspelled words etc. Basically it is the job of a medical editor to make scientific writing more clear and precise. […]

Medical Surgical Nurse CV

A medical surgical nurse CV is the Curriculum Vitae of an individual who is applying for the job of a medical surgical nurse at a medical facility such as a hospital, healthcare facility of a clinic. The CV is an important part of the hiring process and may be a deciding factor as to whether […]

Medical Software CV

All industries in today’s society are becoming more dependent on information technology. The medical industry is no exception. Medical practices and hospitals depend on a range of programs designed especially for the medical setting such as patient record databases, spreadsheets, medical receptionist software, CAT scan software and MRI software amongst others. The designing and development […]

Medical CV

MedicalCV’s have different sections that need to be included. To get one’s dreamjob, it is imperative that these sections be included in a manner that will highlight them to a prospectiveemployer. There is aformatfor writing amedical CVwhich includes various crucial details. These include personal details which show one’s name and contact details. Your registration status […]

Nuclear Medicine Technologist CV

Nuclear Medicine Technologists are healthcare professionals trained in operating specialized visual enhancing/detection equipment to diagnose various cancer types. They administer radioactive drug “tracers” intravenously which enable gamma radiation cameras to detect and capture tumorous tissues and organs and provide oncologists and doctors an accurate picture of the cancer condition in suspected parts of the body. […]

Critical Care Nurse CV

Critical Care Nurses are registered or practical nurses who have underdone special training in health care management of patients under intensive care units or on emergency medical condition. While schooled in the basics of nursing care, they can support comatose patients, cancer patients suffering intense pain, patients with life-threatening medical conditions like burns and traumatic […]