Category: Medical CV

Registered Psychiatric Nurse CV

Registered Psychiatric Nurses are specialist nurses who take care of patients diagnosed with mental disabilities and can be confined in a sanatorium, asylum or the mental ward of a hospital.  They are schooled as registered or practical nurses with a specialization towards caring for people in various states of mental dysfunction or derangement, whether docile […]

Pharmacological Chemist CV

Pharmacological Chemists often work in pharmaceutical companies or in university laboratories under scientific grants to research on chemical properties of biological substance that can help in the formulation of therapeutic drugs.  They collaborate with microbiologists and other pharmaceutical engineers to develop prescriptive and over the counter drugs that can treat body ailments. Pharmacological Chemist CV […]

Immunologist CV

Immunologists are specialist medical doctors trained in diagnosing and treating diseases directly or indirectly traced to immune system problems.  They perform practical research to apply immunological care that aims to strengthen and protect the body’s natural organic defenses against infectious diseases. They may work outside of treating people by working as research immunologists along with […]

Gynecologist CV

Gynecologists are medical professionals who specialize in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases in the female reproductive system.  They are trained and skilled in preserving reproductive health crisis, assessing the nature and extent to the problem and prescribing the suitable course of medical action. Almost every Gynecologist is also an Obstetrician to complete a […]

Obstetrician CV

Obstetricians are medical doctors who specialize in maintaining the health of women during pre-natal, child labor, delivery and post-delivery conditions. When contracted for the purpose of caring for would-be mothers, obstetricians provide the proper care for pregnant women to ensure a healthy child and mother upon delivery, whether through caesarian operation of normal birth. Obstetricians […]

Plastic Surgeon CV

  Plastic Surgeons are licensed medical surgeons who are more aptly called reconstructive surgeons whose expertise lies in the field of reconstructive surgery.  They are well versed in human anatomy and in the reconstruction of skin and tissues, bones and ligaments for purposes of restoring damaged body tissues and bones or enhancing one’s physical form.  […]

Cosmetic Surgeon CV

Cosmetic surgeons are licensed medical doctors whose focus lie in the field of reconstructive plastic surgery but focused on cosmetic or aesthetic application of the skill.  They are schooled in the reconstruction of skin and tissues, bones and ligaments for the purpose of restoring or enhancing one’s physical form.  They specialize in the area of […]

Urologist CV

Urologists are medical doctors specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of urinary tract infections as well as reproductive organ infections, diseases and dysfunctions.  They treat diseases and infections affecting the kidneys, bladder, prostate gland, and the sex organs. They collaborate closely with nephrologists, endocrinologists, and gynecologists as well as kidney oncologists whose specialties often dovetail […]

Nephrologist CV

Nephrologists are medical professionals who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of kidney disorders that include kidney stones, inflammatory disorders in kidney tissues and blood vessels, acute kidney failure, and cystic kidney ailments. Nephrologists are also trained to detect and treat ailment related to or can cause kidney problems later such as hypertension, abnormal water […]

Pathologist CV

Pathologists are medical professionals who specialize in the study, diagnosis and treatment of human diseases touching virtually all the branches of internal medicine.  Pathologists who work on human diseases can further specialize in treating children as pediatric pathologists or old folks as gerontological pathologists.  They can also specialize as veterinary pathologists to treat animal diseases.  […]