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Office CV

An office CV is undoubtedly an important official document wherein a candidate provides a detailed report of his/ her academic merit as well as extra-curricular skills possessed and hence claims employment in the said office, based on his/ her abilities and knowledge in the respective field. An office CV should not just portray the above […]

Public Relations Officer CV

A public relations officer (PRO) is a person who manages and handles relations and communications of a company or an organization with the mass media. He is answerable on behalf of the company. He is in short the spokesperson of the organization. The PRO develops the good image and reputation of a company. In case […]

Office Supervisor CV

Office supervisor is scheduled with the task of planning, scheduling, monitoring and supervising a set of office executives or assistants who have specialized duty. These duties involved several methods and procedures decided by the organizations that are to be followed. The role of office supervisor involves mentoring and supervising the subordinates and evaluating their performance […]

Office Secretary CV

Office secretary performs the role of assistant in business administration. They have many administrative roles to play. Before the electronic revolution these assistants were mostly involved with correspondence. After the evolution of computers and various word processing applications their time spent on such activities has come down to large extent and now they have been […]

Office Assistant CV

The job of office assistant varies from organization to organization. But the core task of office assistant is to ensure hassle free working of the office and help the non administrative staff with office related work. Office assistant may be required to answer telephone calls and transfer them to appropriate extension, organize files and records […]

Office Manager CV

Efficient functioning of the office is the main responsibility of office manager. It is the role and duty of the office manager to see that office functions smoothly by taking care of time consuming tasks in the office. A good office manager is required so that the other non administrative staff can concentrate and approach […]

Office Manager CV

Importance of an office manager: it is utmost important to have a well skilled and dedicated office manager in the office. As he/she alone have to accomplish a number of jobs in the office .he has to perform multiple task at the same time, mentioned below are some of the important tasks:- 1.Supervising the whole […]

Front office CV

Front office executive offers the greatest standard of service in an office, hotel, or a hospital and shows the best possible guest expectations. The front office executive is responsible for maintaining professional and friendly relationships with customers and guests. He works in harmony with front office manager and front office assistants. Sample Front office CV […]

Back office CV

A Back office assistant deals only with clients who have been approved by the front desk assistant. He is directly answerable to his supervisor. Back office assistant should obtain specific skills and attributes, such as the ability to work independently, being experienced with spreadsheets and word documenting applications, sharp analyzing skills, and excellent written and […]


Trainee Office job personnel is somebody who takes internships, undergoes training program. It can be in field of administration, accounts, HR, retail sales and many others. If the training is to last for two years, you may have to work in two different departments. Like purchasing and planning. SAMPLE TRAINEE OFFICE CV FORMAT Kate Smith […]