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A receptionist is supposed to be a full of manners and etiquettes in communicating with customers. At the same time, he or she needs to be quick in service; if the guest present has to wait she must possess the capability to handle it well. They are expected to have full knowledge about the place […]


An Office trainee should be a bright, enthusiastic personality, who can help in Office duties like filing, post duties, helping in answering calls, having general administration duties as well.  He should be having good communication skills which must include polite manners and confidence in talking to others. Having experience to the above mentioned things will […]

Office Secretary CV Template

An office secretary is a very important need of any office. She must be capable of handling variety of general office clerical duties. Also providing secretarial support service for administrative functions lies under the duties of an office secretary. Sample Office Secretary CV Template Anita Forbes 33,   St. Joseph’s Street Plymouth 4TJ Mobile Number: 703 233 […]


An Office duty manager is expected to take job on taking care of Office, right from security personals to each and every member present in staff and other associates linked with Office. It includes dealing with financial matters as well. They should be familiar with the whole functioning of Office and its requirements. They must […]

Office Boy CV

An office boy is a back stage performer for any act played in the office. He must know the working system of the office, designation and authority of all the members of the office. He must be quick, active and capable of managing basic office needs. He is responsible for providing stationary and other supporting […]


Corporate Office designs commercial, corporate, contract workplace and Office design. Surveys say that well designed Office does a great boost in maintaining employs, and keep them working for long hours. Bad Office layouts are made and not born. Hence a good corporate Office is needed. Sufficient layout should be there. SAMPLE CORPORATE OFFICE CV John […]

Office Director CV Template

The office director is the most responsible person of the office. All the staff members work under the overall supervision of him or her. The main duty of an office director is making strategic plans for work, including multi direction strategies for immediate and longer-term action. He also provides guidance and direction to the projects […]

Office Assistant CV

An office assistant is a very important part of the office. The duties implied on him are answering phones, files and organize information, running errands, typing necessary documents, data entry or word processing, operating office equipment like copiers or fax machines, providing customer support, to help with office accounting. The office assistant needs to be dynamic ,quick and active. Example of Office […]

Office Administrator CV

The overall administration of an office is a duty of Office Administrator. An office administrator is responsible for office management, and managing accounts like payable accounts and accounts receivable. Along with that payroll, collections, billing, reconciliation, accounting closings, human resources and lotsof more duties lies on his shoulder. He must consists good management skills with […]

Sample Office CV

An office CV is a resume prepared by an individual looking for work offices. The individual, a secretary for instance, should clearly state that she possesses excellent communication and organizational skills on their office vitae. In addition, she should state that they are able to use such office equipment as computers, copiers and printers. Sample Office CV Susan Doe 27 […]