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Petroleum Engineer CV

Petroleum refineries are referred as the beehives for the cutting edge engineering. Petroleum engineers are the specialist who is responsible for extracting crude oil with various techniques. Even petroleum engineers are of high demand these days as they are responsible for finding out new strategies for developing resources on the existing available sources. Therefore, petroleum […]

Oil Rig Crane Operator CV

An oil rig crane operator is a person, who has the responsibility of operating all the cranes on the oil rig. He also has the responsibility of supervising the assistant crane operator and the roustabout crew. The oil rig crane operator CV should highlight his educational degree and his previous work experiences as a crane […]

Oil Rig Operator CV

An oil rig operator is a person, who is charged with the responsibility of supervising the rig crew, and the daily workings and operations of an oil rig. He has the duty of installing new oil field equipments, scheduling jobs, taking care of and maintaining all kinds of field installations. An oil rig operator CV […]

Oil Field Engineer CV

An oil field engineer is a person, who is professionally trained in handling oil fields and has specific scientific knowledge of oil extraction, field training, drilling, producing and manufacturing crude oil and natural gas. Their primary work is to design the equipments and machinery required for extracting oil. An oil field engineer CV must show […]

Oil Exploration Consultant CV

An oil exploration consultant is an expert who looks into different projects related to oil exploration in various oil fields. Therefore the resume of an oil exploration consultant CV should have essential details of his past experiences that can throw a light into his skills and ability to go to different places and handle a […]

Oil Rig manager CV

An oil rig manager is that employee of an oil rigging company who is in charge of handling and managing the oil rig operations and monitoring the drilling exercises. It is the duty of the oil rig manager to keep check of the equipments used and the crew working on the site. This job profile […]

Paleontologist CV

A paleontologist is a person whose job is related to studying pre historic life and organisms. He works towards understanding the evolution process and how the organisms were linked to the environment. This is a vast field which can include areas such as ancient climates, fossil, biology, animals etc…This job profile is only suitable and open for […]

Petroleum Geologist CV

Petroleum Geology is a field of work that is concerned with areas such as mining, source, trapping, maturation and migration etc…The job of a petroleum geologist is hence connected to one of these fields. A person with the required minimum eligibility criteria and other skills can apply to this job profile. The CV of a […]

Energy Manager CV

An Energy manager is a person who holds the position where he is responsible for the tasks such as energy conservation, energy audit and testing/labelling of sample or data. This is a profile that requires highly skilled and experienced individuals who have the required qualifications. The CV of an energy manager should be made in […]

Petroleum Manager CV

A petroleum manager is a highly skilled individual who looks after the nation’s petroleum department or any oil and Petroleum Company’s petroleum unit. His job is to supervise all petroleum engineering projects and ensure that targets are met. Since this job requires special qualifications, hence the applicant must draft his CV in such a way […]