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Purchasing CV

Purchasing CVs are written by individuals that are applying for jobs in the field of purchasing. Goods and services are purchased on a daily basis. More people are applying for jobs in this field because turnover is high. This format of a purchasing CV will help candidates that are seeking jobs in this industry as it gives tips […]

Global Purchasing Manager CV

A global purchasing manager is one who looks after the supply and purchasing department of an organisation with regards to clients from all over the world .Beside supervision, the global purchasing manager has to ensure that the company’s relation with the outside world is a profitable one. A candidate applying for this post should have […]

Purchasing Director CV

A purchasing director is a person who looks after the additional side jobs of the supply management department. Besides, there are other things like the quotation, purchase, supply that the purchasing director has to heed to in order to ensure that operations go smoothly. A Purchasing Director CV should highlight the essential qualities in the […]

Purchasing Associate CV

A purchasing associate deals with both suppliers and dealers in order to negotiate and create the best deals for his company. He has to handle the purchases of the company and maintain transparent records. He also has to negotiate prices and handle a lot of financial matters for the company. Thus a purchasing associate’s CV […]

Purchasing Assistant CV

A purchasing assistant not only helps his manager in the purchasing issues of the company but also handles a number of small, but important, duties of the same like handling files, recording purchases made, bookkeeping and other small clerical jobs. These however require skill and the purchasing assistant CV must reflect those skills of the […]

Purchasing Agent CV

A purchasing agent serves as an expert who guides the various purchasing deals of a company. He is entrusted with the critical task of ensuring that all deals made between his company and the producer or dealer are transparent and profitable to both parties. Thus a purchasing agent CV must highlight his qualifications in this […]

Purchasing Manager CV

The field of purchasing is seeing an increase in the number of people applying for employment and leaving other industries to pursue careers in the field. This is because this field is accommodative to professionals from various other fields. You do not have to study for a degree, diploma or certificate in purchasing. Qualifications in […]

Procurement CV

Many people are seeing employment in the procurement field and leaving other industries. Procurement is accommodative for people with different qualifications. You can study for a degree, diploma or certificate in procurement even if you already have an academic qualification in another field such as science or art. Employers seeking to recruit procurement personnel look […]

Merchandiser CV

The field of purchasing is similar in many ways to that of procurement and purchasing. In fact applicants with experience in these two areas will have a great advantage over others without this experience. This field is accommodative to professionals from various other fields. You do not have to study for a degree, diploma or […]