Category: Retail CV

Retail Trainee CV

A trainee in retail industry must have relevant qualification for performing efficiently in a retail industry. Therefore, a retail trainee CV must contain those points which will outline the functional skills that are aligned with a company’s operational strategies. Even the CV must depict proficiency and expertise in the field of retail management in order […]

Retail Internship CV

A retail internship CV is designed by a retail intern or fresher to this industry seeking employment opportunities. Such kind of CV must elucidate the academic details, goals and objectives efficiently. Even it should also reflect a candidate’s ability in handling customers and process of a job store, interpersonal skills and efficiency in solving problems. […]

Assistant Retail Manager CV

An assistant retail manager is a supervisor of a retail store working as an assistant to the chief leader or floor manager of the store. He is responsible for determining and planning the sales along with monitoring and controlling the department. Thus an assistant retail manager CV should be to the point and be in […]

Bookstore CV

A bookstore CV is a document that furnishes the requirements of effective keeping of a bookstore. It must lay down the details of the person and his abilities regarding bookkeeping and book monitoring so that the bookstore owner can trust and rely on him completely with the books, accounts and business.   Sample Bookstore Keeper […]

Retail Merchandiser CV

A Retail Merchandisers the one who analyzes the products he is about to buy from sellers and evaluates their viability then he sets a convenient price on them, and determine if it worth taking into consider after paying the local tax obligations. He is expected to make profits using schemes promotions, special discounts etc. Retail […]

Retail Director CV

A retail director is a person who handles all the tasks related to the purchasing, selling & customer’s clarification on different services or products! Apart of that the retail director’s duty also involves in setting goal, hiring the associates! In other words the retail director is completely responsible for the profit & loss or outcomes […]

Retail Assistant CV

A Retail Assistant is the person who is having multiple duties at a time. The workload on a Retail Assistant depends upon the size of the store. The main function of retail assistant is helping the customers and giving them proper directions for collecting different products. They must also give information regarding different offers that […]

Retail Buyer CV

Retail buyer is the person who decides which products the store should buy and put them on shelves to sale. The Retail buyer must be aware of all available products in the market and must be capable of choosing best product at a best price. Choosing wrong product can affect reputation of the store. A […]

Sales Man CV Format

The sales of the company highly depends upon salesman. They are the ones who interact with clients daily. They represent the company so they must have good convincing power and nice communication skills with impressive personality and effective body language. Sample Sales Man CV Format John Dalit Marina Street, 546th Lane Preston Mobile No: […]

Sales Girl CV Format

A sales girl is the person who represents the company in front of customers. She is responsible for any sales that happen actually. She must have good convincing power, good communication skills, and of course good salesmanship. Also she must have all details about the product she is selling. Sample Sales Girl CV Format Julia […]