Category: Sales CV

Sales Representative CV

A sales representative is an individual who represents the sales department of a business organization and explains about the product of the company to the clients or the customers. He also helps in promoting the sales of the product by representing the company. The CV of Sales representative should showcase the skills, experience and educational […]

Sales Coordinator CV

A sales coordinator is an individual working in the sales department of a business organization for maintaining the sales related documents and also interacting with the client or customers over phone and solving their problems. He assists the sale manager in keeping a check over the performance of the members of the sales team and […]

Sales Planning Manager CV

A sales planning manager is an individual who works in the sales department of a business organization and plans and focuses on the sales target of the organization. He ensures that the sales target is met by developing action plans and reports directly to the director. The CV of the candidate applying for the position […]

Sales promotion manager CV

A sales promotion manager is a person who looks after the managerial work relating to the sales team and promotion of the products created by the company. Sales promotion includes areas like advertising, marketing and public relations. The sales promotion manager must write his CV in such a way that the employer gets a better […]

Sales support Executive CV

A sales support executive holds a position in a company that needs him to provide assistance and support to the whole sales team. This job requires tasks like office based duties, clerical work and administration. A sales support executive can also be responsible for processing the work that the sales team generates and making appointments […]

Entry level sales CV

Entry level sales CV is a document that is made or drafted by those individuals who are interested in getting a job as a fresh sales employees in a company or an organisation. This kind of a job is like a learning period or training for new employees who don’t have much experience in the […]

Medical Sales manager CV

A medical sales manager is a person whose job is to promote the company’s brand name among the targeted user base which is most generally a group of doctors or hospitals. He is responsible for the generation of effective marketing strategies and managing the processes that fall between productions and selling. A medical sales manager […]

Inside Sales manager CV

An inside sales manager is a person who is responsible for all the internal sales processes of an organisation. He/she monitors and reports on sales metrics, provides training and coaching to accounts executives and looks after the administration process. The CV of an inside sales manager should be powerful enough to convince the employers and […]

Sales and Marketing CV

Sales and marketing CVs should be eye catching. Do your best to discover as much as you can about the organization to which you are applying. Find out what they are selling and the type of clientele they are targeting. You will then be able to show the recruiter in your CV that you have […]

Sales Executive CV

Sales executive CVs should catch the attention of the employer. Find out all you can about the organization and what it is they are selling. You will then be able to show the employer that you are the right person for the job as you understand their products or services. Show that your objectives and […]