Category: Security CV

Locksmith CV

Locksmiths are tradesman trained to install, adjust and repair physical security locks for doors and windows as well as fabricate or duplicate locking and unlocking or change lock combinations.  Their skill in installing and maintaining conventional locking hardware brings them to meet the premises security needs of industrial, residential and commercial establishments for medium security […]

Hotel Detective CV

Hotel Detectives are the hotel’s security personnel trained to handle security systems and procedures focused on protecting its assets of the hotel in its premises and those of its employees and guests. They provide the first level of organic security detail against theft, vandalism, damage or loss of hotel property while preserving order in restaurants […]

Store Detective CV

Store Detectives are inconspicuous enough to mingle with store floor customers until they accost you for attempting to shoplift merchandise from the store premises.  Just about all department stores and malls employ store detectives who have proven effective in minimizing shoplifting incidences from both customers and sales clerks. They are trained to implement security systems […]

Security Consultant CV

The security consultant is a person who provides information on security services. They are responsible for providing security to the people. The security consultant provided security services to individuals and organizations as well as give information on them. The security consultant also supervises the various security departments of different organizations to ensure the security systems […]

Network Security CV

A network security officer is hired as in charge for taking care of important network documentation inclusive of network secret passwords, important data files in order to prevent an organization network from harmful viruses, software intruders and dangerous coding programs and do away with various security breaches. This resume can also be used while applying […]

Security Manager CV

A security manager is hired by various organizations and is responsible for maintaining internal security information, keeping documents updated and arranging training for security staff. This appointment is equally indulged into monitoring and controlling the security procedures. This resume can also be used for applying as senior security officer, security coordinator and security consultant. Sample […]

Armed Security CV

An armed security officer is an important position of Army. An armed security officer is hired to serve the state and country under the command of Law & Order. A resume of armed security officer can also be used to apply for the post of chief security officer, assistant security officer and security coordinator can […]

Border Security CV

A border security officer or border security ranger is hired by Government and is an authenticated security officer. This appointment is solely responsible for guarding national and international fence to save the particular state, country and region. This resume can also be used while applying for the job of  chief security officer, security planner and […]

Airport Security CV

An airport security officer is responsible for overall security at the airport. He has to take care for safe checkout, to provide security at loading area and for inspection of hand detector or associated safety devices. Airport security officer is hired by International and domestic airport in every country and state. This resume is also […]

Security Clearance Officer CV

A security clearance officer is an authenticated expert who is responsible for managing secret shelves, confidential coding and managing internal security top issues. This resume can also be used while applying for the post of security clearance coordinator, security clearance assistant officer and security clearance consultant. Sample  Security  CV Anna Baikov House No: 24/ B- […]