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Social worker CV

A social worker CV generally contains details of an individual who has an interest in working for the society and helping people. Social work is a very healthy concept in this age of jealousy and hatred and such a worker’s CV should contain particulars to suggest his/ her genuine interest in this type of a […]

Mental Health Social Worker CV

A mental health social worker is a person who does social work by interacting with mentally challenged people, people who are trying to recover from a trauma or help them to cope with life and distress. A Mental Health Social Worker CV should highlight the communication skills, educational qualifications, past experience since experience is important […]

Child Development Specialist CV

A Child Development Specialist is a person who supervises and initiates the development of a child by creating the suitable environment, studying the development of a child and then communicating with his parents about the observation. Besides evaluating and analysing the development of the child, a child development specialist has to create different programmes for […]

Social Service Casework Supervisor CV

A social service casework supervisor supervises the analysis, collection of reports and dissemination of data with regards to social service casework done in various areas and groups of people. They also identify the problems and arrange for financial reports while looking after the paper work involved in all this. Therefore, social service casework supervisor CV […]

Social Services Case Manager CV

A social services case manager is a person, who manages the clients’ welfare related services such as elderly care, mental health, medical health, metal or substance abuse and so on. They investigate and evaluate the client’s psychological, psychiatric and medical needs and offers remedies and treatment plans. Thus a social service manager CV should include […]

Public Housing Adviser CV

A public housing adviser is a person, who guides and advises his or her clients on decisions regarding estate, housing, property and other relates issues. They advise and suggest their clients, the proper places to look for while purchasing property or houses. The public housing advisor CV should include his qualification and past job accomplishments. […]

Prison Social Worker CV

A prison social worker is entrusted with the job of making sure that prisons are not sites of exploitation and abuse. They ensure the maintenance of human rights, sanitary conditions, adequate recreation and entertainment for prisoners and general atmosphere of a prison. Such a person must be well trained and thus a prison social worker […]

Family Counselor CV

A family counselor is an important person to whom the personal, emotional and mental problems of family members can be entrusted without the fear of leakage or scorn. A family counselor not only knows about each member’s issues, he or she can deal with them effectively and sensitively. Thus a family counselor CV must outline […]

Clinical Social Work Therapist CV

Clinical social work therapist has the job of carrying out clinical process by a philanthropic way. They are associated with philanthropic organizations or medical institutes which conduct social works. A clinical social work therapist CV must be designed outlining the essential quality and knowledge of a candidate which is generally taken into consideration by the […]

Child Welfare Caseworker CV

Child welfare caseworker deals with the cases which can bring well being for the children by solving their problems. Therefore, a child welfare caseworker CV must enunciate the important qualities and knowledge of the candidate in order to find their proficiency in the particular field. Sample Child Welfare Caseworker CV Shane Crowe Date of birth: […]