Category: Technical CV

Technical Delivery Manager CV

A technical delivery manager is an individual who works for the technical department or IT department of a company and makes sure that the clients are delivered their finished products or services on time. He/she also finds solutions to the technical problems of the clients. Technical delivery manager CV is an important document to apply […]

Technical Office Manager CV

A technical office manager is an individual who is employed in a technical field and is responsible for managing and supervising all the activities that take place in the office of the company. These individuals may be employed in construction company offices; computer company offices and other such places and are required to ensure the […]

Apprentice Electrician CV

An apprentice by definition is an individual who works under the direction of or assists an expert in a trade to learn from them. Just like that, an apprentice electrician works assisting an expert/ professional electrician to gain experience and expertise to progress as a professional electrician himself/ herself. An apprentice electrician CV is a […]

Industrial Electrician CV

The job of an industrial electrician is very technical. They have to take care of all the electrical/electronic problems in the equipment, wiring and switches of the location they are working on. The locations that these individuals mostly work on include factories, manufacturing plants and independent contractors etc. An industrial electrician CV is a document […]

Technical CV

Technical CV is designed by those individuals who wish to obtain a technical job position in any industry or specifically in technical industry. Documenting such a CV is slightly different than any other job resume as it requires accurate mention of a candidate’s technical competencies in specific terminology.  Therefore, while drafting such a CV one […]

Watch Repairman CV

A watch repairman repairs the watches when any kind of damage occurs to the watch,  the watch needs to be cleaned from within, or it needs to be adjusted for the date and time. A watch repairman may work in an independent store or may be a part of a watch making company. The skills […]

Electrician Helper CV

An electrician helper is an entry level position in any electrical job in an organization where the role needs the professional to install, upgrade, repair, troubleshoot, and maintain various electrical components and equipment. The candidates should preferably have an electrical engineering or related background to be able to execute the job responsibilities well. Testing different […]

Technical Training Manager CV

A technical training manager is responsible for preparing contents of training, administering them to the students with the ultimate aim of training the students to understand difficult topics with ease. The training can be based on any software or computer application programs. A technical training manager can be hired in educational institutions or business organizations […]

Technical Support Specialist CV

A technical support specialist is employed to solve the technical queries faced by the clients and customers of a company. The technical support can range from solving errors, bugs, installation issues, rebooting problems, computer hardware or software infected with virus, new upgrades, etc. The technical support specialist should have a strong computer science background and […]

Technical Illustrator CV

A technical illustrator is hired for providing a visual presentation of the goods or products or services of a company to its customers. These visual presentations help the customers understand the utility of the product or service in a much better manner and this in turn helps to increase the customer base of the firm. […]